foliar feeding ash?

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  1. I had some yellowing on my new growth and bud sites and though for a while that It was a mag or sulfur deficiency.
    However when that turned out not to be the case I saw some potential in low pottasium and seeing as how ash contains lots of that I tried foliar feeding it. I chose this route since i heard pottasium moves slowly through soil. I added a tiny bit of iron oxide (rust) after hearing that I could potentially help with growth. Instead of tap water I used pond water.
    Anyways after applying it heavily in the morning I checked back in the evening and it seemed like the leaves were getting worse and potentially bruning.
    I used a mix of 30% pond water and the rest good tap water (from a well) and thouroughly rinsed the plants.

    I check back this morning and they have almost completly recovered from the original problem.

    Now my question is has anyone tried foliar feeding ash or any other homemade ferts?
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    I love the use of pond water, when I was a kid I used to grow waterways and rivers. I met a guy that suggested that running water was "alive" and good for growing. He went on to say that well water is "dead" water, there is nothing growing in it, plant or animal. Make sure that there are no chemical run-offs contaminating your pond water! Be weary of Herbicides or petrochemicals that could be polluting it.

    I have fixed Mag. issues with epsom salts <--clicky

    I love the idea you have for using ash too. Last year we had huge forest fires, the sky rained ash for the entire summer. When you think about it foliar application of ash is a very natural thing. Be sure to use "clean" ash, best from hardwood and free of any propellant.

    Also more often than not yellowing can be a sigh of over watering!!
    consider pH also?!?

    Good luck with this but consider the epsom salts

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