Foliar feed dilution and application?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by 1sttimegrower, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. I hate the idea of foliar feeding, but after waiting 4 days so far for my soil to dry out (so I can fix a cal-mag-iron problem) and watching my plant get worse and worse, I decided to give this a go.
    Yesterday I sprayed the plants undergrowth lightly with 1/8th teaspoon cal-mag to 1 gallon water; The dilution rate recommended is 8 ml per gallon(soil application), mine amounted to about 5/8ths ml per gallon. Didn't see much improvement today in the upper canopy (but under growth seemed to have lost all its rigidity, purpling, and lime-greenness) so I sprayed again with 1.25 ml CalMag; this time hitting the upper canopy as well.

    1 leaf got burned, the rest are fine. <-- is this just an anomaly that happens with foliar feed? I'd imagine all would burn, or none, not just one. I did not wash my leaves from yesterday, would that cause it? Should I always have at least 1 clean "washing" spray in between feedings?

    With spraying, how much should I be spraying? Should the leaves get a light misting so they don't appear wet but have some water droplets, or should they be soaked?

    Can I foliar feed on the same day I've used Neem oil or Zero Tolerance or pyrithrins? Has anyone done this successfully without burns?

    How diluted should the solution be? 1.25ml/gallon good? My water is 300-350 ppm naturally.

    How often can I foliar feed? Can I safely spray nutes once a week @ 2ml/gallon if I'm feeding normally thru watering?

    Also, would this foliar feeding mixture be a problem to run at all?
    After my problem is fixed I plan to spray once a week with 1ml AN SensiCalMag (4-0-0,Nitrate N, 5% calcium, .12% Iron, .05% Manganese) and 1 ml B52 B vit (2-1-4, 1.5% water soluble N, soluble potash) per gallon; every other week I'm swapping the B52 with GH Flora duo bloom. I don't think it would be problematic, but on the off chance anyone has done this and had problems please reply :D

    If anyone can weigh in, thanks!
  2. You don't need to wait for your soil to dry to begin fixing a deficiency. You could of started flushing immediately then added your calmag.

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