Foliage Nutrients in Cool Mist Humidifier water ?

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  1. what would happen if you mixed foliage nutrients in water that you put in a cool mist humidifier ? is that a good idea or a bad idea ?

    also is it true that if you spray your plants with water and place them under the light the spots that are wet on the leaves will get toasted/wrinkled from water droplet acting as a magnifying glass? I noticed some of the plants had moisture on the leaves after the humidifier was on. The moisture in the room had built up and settled as water on the floor as well as on top of the soil and plant itself. The plant leaves that had water also had "spots" on them like warps on the leaves so did i just answer my own question ?
  2. The only time your plants need any type of foliage spray is when you're working with seedlings or fresh clones. Once they build a root system and start taking nutrition from the soil or grow media, foliar spraying is just a waste of time an a risk of burning your plants or spotting them up. Keep it simple when starting out as a new grower. Good soil, excellent light and plain water. Nutes are just plant food and not some magic bean that's going to get you a gigantic harvest. Lighting is responsible for that. If you use a decent quality formulated grow soil and stay away from auto varieties, you can just use soil all the way through your grow. That's what we do. When a plant becomes root boun and uses up the nutrients provided naturally in the soil, I just repot into a new container of fresh soil and the new soil picks up and feeds my plants for several more weeks on it's own. Unless the new growth on your plant becomes a washed out yellowish green and is not that rich blue green associated with a healthy MJ plant, it does not need a bunch of nutes. Put your excitement into your lighting and you'll be much happier in the end with your harvest. Nutes are super important for hydro growers. They live or by the correct application of them. But soil growers, when using quality grow soil, need much much much less or actually none if you understand how and when to repot your plants. Read up on the nutritional requirements of a MJ plant during the different phases of life to get a better idea of what these plants need and use and when it happens. The more you understand about what you're doing, the better grower you will become. Best of luck. TWW
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  3. The mister, waste of time, and bad idea. Eventually it would build up and break the humidifier. And ya, water on the leaf can burn the leaves depending on light intensity, and size of water drop. And room humidity. If humidity is low, the plant should be able to absorb it. Don't spray the plants daily if that's what your intending to do...

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