Foliage feeding

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by a SquaRe, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Do you foliage feed during flowering? I heard you shouldnt cuz it could cause mold in the buds. Also, can you foliage feed Big Bloom onto the plants...or is that a no-no?
  2. i dont understand why you would want to, through water in the soil doesnt work good enough? you can do it, it says it right on the bottle, but i wouldnt recommend it.
  3. You don't understand why I would mist my plants????

    I've always foliage fed my plants with H2O and also GrowBIG occasionally throughout veg stage... Not very far fetched...
  4. mist during veg, but doing it during flowering can cause problems because the buds are moist enough and mold can quickly and surly destroy a crop!!
  5. Ok thats what I thought. technically there not budding yet, just lots of pistils errwhere. Is it okay to mist then or still no?
  6. Don't spray anything on your buds. Keep the grow room as dry as possible.

    You don't need that spray bottle.

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