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Folding leaves pointing up, what I did.

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Metal_Rain, May 28, 2009.

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    Sorry no pics, but I hope this can help some one.

    2 weeks ago, I germinated 6 Satori seeds from Mandala. After they germinated, I transferred them into Fox Farm OF. I WOULD have had enough soil for them all, but my bag of Top Notch was completely infested with gnats. Off to the trash it went, and my seeds were planted into about 2 inches of FF soil each. Meanwhile, I put in an order for more soil. After only 4-5 days, the upper roots were exposed to light, and my plants couldn't support their own weight. I happened to have a sack of perlite around, so I added that to the cups that my plants were in. This covered the roots and gave the stems some support. Here is where the shit hits the fan. I had to leave town for 3 days. When I came home my ventilation fan was still working, but the fan that blows directly on my plants had stopped. All of the leaves on all of my plants were folded in half lengthwise and pointing almost straight up.

    I replaced my fan and continued to water them the same as always, and my leaves stopped pointing up, but they were still folded. Several days later, my soil came in. I transplanted all of my babies into fresh soil/cups COMPLETELY full with soil. That was yesterday. Today, all of my leaves are pretty normal and everything seems fine.

    I knew that heat stress caused most of the problems, and I was right. However, I am unsure about one other thing, so I want to ask. When I added the perlite, I buried the stems almost all the way up to the first node. Could this have contributed to the problems? Would it harm a plant if you covered the portion of the stem which is above ground? The leaves unfolded after I had them transplanted correctly, so it seems so.

    BTW, one of them had 3 cotyledons, and all of its leaf sets grow in sets of three, rather than in pairs. I have seen this before on the forums, but have never heard anyone say whether it increases yield or anything else. Comments? I'm thinking of mothering this one if it's a female. I just think it'd be cool to have a unique mother for my clones.

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