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    Hi I am a new grower. I am up to veg stage and my leaves are starting to fold in. I got the plant off a friend witch had it in some horrible soil with clay in it. So I transplanted it in a bigger pot and with new soil. Then my leaves started to fold it’s only been 1 day since transplant

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  2. Try some cal / mag they look a bit yellow. Folding can be a number of things

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  3. what is the problem with soil with clay this is very good for plants, some clay soil are rich in mineral I mix different soil and one is clay soil. I am not a pro grower but I have really good result mixing different types of soil. your plant are in choke if you remove the soil you broke the roots structure and you Took all the nutrient. too much organic material make the soil too acid and can damage the roots. next time if you have a plant that are nice and healthy don't bother her
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  4. thanks for the help. The roots weren’t really growing in it so that’s what I transplanted but I’ll remember that for next time
  5. Thank you. I’ve had a few people say that if I put a cap of milk in some water that it will help it just don’t know if it’s true so Thats why I havnt tried it yet
  6. Hi it’s been a few days since post. And I was just wondering how my plant is looking now it’s still got abit do yellow but I’m more worried about the leaves I fell like it could be heat stress coz it’s summer her so I’ve put it in about 5hrs light and the rest in shade

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