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    Hello all!

    We are a small medical startup grower in Oklahoma (we just passed one of the most liberal medical laws in the country amazingly). We are going to document our startup, buildout, and grow over the next year. We are novice growers, no one is claiming to be an expert here, so we will be learning some lessons along the way.

    My past life involved lots of construction, so the buildout has been enjoyable for me to design and put together. We currently have a nice mother room put together where we have all our new mommys vegging in anticipation of the new building completion.

    The building was designed with efficiency and quality in mind. Here the highlights:

    2" closed cell spray foam on everything.
    Microbicidal paint on everything
    Industrial Epoxy concrete floors
    20'x30' Flower Room
    10'x30' Veg Room
    10'x10' Decontamination Room
    10'x10' Utility Room
    All steel construction with steel security doors.

    We have a lot on the way. This will be a no till style organic grow in 4x8 fabric beds.

    Here the pics of where we currently stand:
    Utilities.JPG Utility Room.JPG Genetics Room.JPG Lights mothers.JPG New floower 2.JPG New Flower Room.JPG New Veg.JPG Utilities.JPG Utility Room.JPG
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