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  1. hey this is probably a really stupid question but...i'm new at this and wanting to know exactly what the foil does to help the plant grow and how to place it right so my plant will grow.
    I also heard that in the growing process the light should be 24/7... and when in the flowering stage it needs to be changed- is this right ? - Thank you all for being so helpful and cool
  2. I'm no expert....but I's say the foil would be best used by lining the walls of your grow room. Or you could just paint the walls white!

    When flowering you switch to 12/12....I think. Great help aren't I!! It's important for the plant to have dark time for flowering, completely dark, no light cracks etc.

    There are heaps of growers in the city, they'll set you straight.

    Good luck!
  3. Quite right, foil is used to line the walls of your grow room,
    when growing under lights, you should allow at least 18 hrs light per 24, it doesn't need to be 24/7! (think of your electric bill, security etc).
    To begin flowering the lights must be turned back to 12 hours, once the buds have covered enough of the plant, normally about 6-8 weeks total, you can then turn back the lights to 9 hours to ripen, this should take about a week.


    read and/or download the growing guide, invaluable!

    Good luck have fun!
  4. As much light as you can provide in vegetation is good and 12/12 will stimulate the plant to flower.
    If you're planning to use foil I think I'm correct in saying you want the shiny side facing towards the wall as this will prevent hot spots.
  5. Thank you all for being so much help !

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