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  1. yes or no? i heard its good to have it because it reflects light, but i also heard it distributes light unevenly and that can screw up the plant.
  2. it works just make sure to put the dull side up.
  3. im currently using foil in my grow box and like he said...dull side out
  4. NO!!! :p Mylar > Other Reflective stuff > Foil.

    Foil makes hot spots which can damage the plants, and it heats up quickly which becomes a problem if you're running hot lights. If you cant get Mylar then just use white paint, and if you cant get white paint I would recommend just using lights without anything reflective until you can get something reflective. Foil is good for cooking weed, and thats it. (Ironically, the heat spots that foil creates ARE cooking your plant would be cooking your plant. Go figure)

    Edit: I suppose however, that foil would be usable in a well heat-controlled environment, but I wouldn't recommend it as a long-term solution. Merely a quick fix until you can get something superior.
  5. A flat bright white surface reflects more light than aluminum foil. Myalr is even better.

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