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  1. Does it help or not?
  2. no, burns your plant.
  3. What, a little more description would make an actual sentence. Put a couple sentences together and make an actual question.

  4. this

    aluminum isn't useful for much at all actually, i spend my time thnking about "how-to" avoid it
  5. While it might be more effective than a black wall, aluminum foil is not as reflective as you think. Most aluminum foil is only about 55% reflective, that is without wrinkles and creases. Once wrinkled, it loses all consistency, which can lead to hot spots and the overall reflectivity drops to a measly 35%.

    Compared to white paint (80% reflective) and Mylar (95%+ reflective), it's a terrible choice.
  6. So what is the cheapest and best way to go for a speaker box grow? For inside
  7. Flat white paint or mylar.

  8. White paint works great, easy, and low-maintenance. Easy to replace... just paint over it!! easy to clean... just paint over it!!! Fucked up your wall? Just paint over it!!!

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