Foil tape around pots?

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  1. yo I was considering sticking foil tape around my pots to maximise light. Is this a bad idea for the pot temperature or anything due to the reflection?
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  3. Itll keep the roots cooler but idk how it would reflect to the plant unless its hydro
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    I use air-pots so I am not sure what you want to do but the more holes the better! image.jpg
  5. Maybe just a good idea on hydro bubble buckets to block out light transfer to water to help prevent alagee growth
    I did the same, It didn't affect my temperatures. 
    I'm not sure if it maximise the light, but I think its better then just a solid color.

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  7. It never hurts to add some extra reflective material to objects in your room.  Those extra photons may very well be redirected to good use! 
  8. The cost isn't worth the yeild increase.

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