Fohse leds buyer beware!!!!

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  1. I bought 20 fohse leds F1V 1000 watt fixtures had them for about a year. Two fixtures stop reaponding and now Fohse will not cover them under warranty. One of the most expensive brands in the industry with this type of warranty? Buyer beware!!
  2. could you provide some more context? Why did they fail? what did the company say in regards to your warranty claim? Can you provide any written docs from them?

    If you can't provide documentation then your post should be removed by an admin due to possible spam being a new account.

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  3. Randomly stopped working. Have been in contact with them for weeks. Rich at Fohse will find any reason to not replace the lights. Have proof of them not working with a side by side plug in. Because I dont have original receipt this is a manufacturers warranty. They cannot find the info in their system(which is not my fault). Manufacurers warranty if I buy a toyota with a 5 year warranty and my car stops
  4. Where did you buy it from? was it a physical store and how did you pay?
  5. so did you buy it 3rd party used or directly from the company? If you bought it direct, there's a money trail.....right?

    what were Richs' other reasons besides not having proof of purchase?

    If they aren't warranty the claim because you don't have proof of ever buying something from them...well, its not their fault you can't prove it, thats on you.
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  6. Like a toyota doesnt come from toyota a samsung not from samsung a macbook not from apple if the product is within its warranty it should be covered
  7. Partner ship went sour I ended up with lights dont have paper work and not on talking terms to find out the info not asking for anything out of context just for a warranty to be covered have had same issue multiple times before with light companies was never even a question
  8. I been buying my LED lights from Horticulture lighting group for years without issues.
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  9. Id argue thats not accurate... its called a licensed partnership. Toyotas and sumsungs and every other good come from and go to licensed partners...

    what partnership went sour? the person who actually bought the original light? Hmmm, are we getting somewhere....

    So someone else bought the lights and now you own them with issues? You also haven't answered what other issues Rich had with your warranty request besides failing to show proof of purchase.
  10. Yeah well they have their own set of terms for warranty, and you are simply not covered under their terms. Considering the fact that you didn't even purchase these lights and are not wanting to go the extra length of even talking about anything, suck it up there bud.
    go buy a different brand of lights
  11. Some supplies do not warranty if bought off line. only from a partner dealer you can get a warranty.. . Or Only in retail shops . Those light might be knock offs . They may or may not have serial numbers . All the lights here have numbers stamped directly on them. Buy them off line get them cheap great . Well warranty time comes in sorry you did not pay for a warranty .20 lights at 2000 each i call bullshit . who has 40k for a start up just for 20 lights ? With zero bill of sale . They would of got discounted bought in bulk with a warranty
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