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    This has never been an issue but dam it it is so foggy I can see it wafting through the yard in clouds. I dont want to spray for powder mold as it can stall production, any suggestions?

    There is a mountain there believe it or not. Its so fogy it is dripping every morning these days and it is very unusual.
  2. Depends on how long it stays damp. If it clears up in the afternoon and the plants dry out I would say you are golden. If your plants are already flowering and have buds on them I would keep a real close eye out for bud rot. The buds will look normal but the insides will turn to a grey goo that eats the buds from the inside out. not much you can do to prevent that other than keeping them dry.
  3. This year sucks weather wise. 40's at night and 70's during the day. It should be 60's at night and high 80's during the day. O well I will just have airy moldy bud this year.:mad:
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    Are you in the Pacific Northwest too? I had to delay putting my plants outside this year until July 2 as it was so cold and wet all of June. I have only 15 plants which i keep pretty small (around 4 feet) I bring them into my grow room when the wheather is shitty (like today) and put them out side in the sun when its nice out. We've had a nice stretch of sunny warm wheather for the last month. I started flowering 9 of my plants (thats all the would fit in my 13 x 7 grow room) about 4 weeks ago. My lights go on at 6 am and off at 6 pm. I take them outside around 10 or 11 and bring them back in around 5:30. They LOVE the intense, direct summer sun. Like I said I am only 4 weeks into flowering and am getting some really nice bud sets.
  5. Just saw your picture NICE garden.
  6. ya, around 34 degrees north and 13 miles off the ocean.

    Its never been this bad here before
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    Yeah i am quite a bit further north. I have a lot of family in the bay area, I know their wheather has really sucked this year.

    August8 (13).jpg

    August8 (74).jpg

    August8 (21).jpg

    These were taken about a week ago, 3 weeks into flowering
  8. worse part is that this years crop worked out perfectly and some of the buds will be the size of a football if it will just heat up so I can push fluids on them:eek:
  9. No way you can bring them indoors 12 hours a day?
  10. yes but my indoor is even worse off at the moment. My dehumidifier just cant keep up. I have already started spraying the indoor stuff with some bicarb and just think i will harvest it early before it gets to be a loss.

    Dam the weather!:mad:

    Very nice looking plants. I have always been a fan of smaller plants. If you can figure out mini growing you will be a master of full size.
  11. Those plants are about 4 feet tall. Thats a perfect size IMO. I have one Blue Dream that I put into a 20 gallon pot and she's at about 7 feet now, it's a pain in the ass but ther yeild should be nice.
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    Ok I lied, just went and measured. They average about 3' from soil to the top of the plant. My big BlueDream is 6 1/2' from soil to top of plant and I have one Diesel that is just under 5' from soil to top of plant. Pot growers are as bad as fisherman....

    big blue
    August8 (33).jpg
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  14. And I agree with you 100% It's much easier to grow monster plants then smaller ones. Yeah I am sure you do, they are very nice looking plants. I get enough from my 15 plants in my summer crop to easily last me all year long. And i smoke 2+ oz a month.
  15. Hopefully we will get a nice Indian summer and your girls will have a few months of warm days and cool nights to finish off strong. I'll go do a sun dance for both of us.
  16. Nice weedporn..... God I love Cannabis *sigh*
  17. Careful with that sun dance. My dad did one early in the spring back in Oklahoma and got way more that he

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