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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by ClockworkX, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. does anyone know of a way to controll the high, or to say focus it's power... I am very interested at the thought of this. Meditation perhaps?
  2. never tried it........ could work?!?!
  3. i thought the entire point of getting high was to let your thoughts just float boldly to where no thought have been before :)

  4. thats mushrooms :-D
  5. nah, i think its mushrooms too.

    but no one has been wrong in this thread yet.

    .... DAMN! i wanted to wait until i had something really cool to post in this thread .. damn you told... ya suckered me in with that. :D
  6. I focus my high fairly often. It's a truly amazing experience. I'll tell you how I do it. I dont know if it will work for other people, as its something I do, but i don't know of anyone else that does, so if it doesn't don't hurl abuse at me;). right first of all you need to be indoors, on your own in a comfortable environment, preferably with a bed to lie down on. Also (obviously enough) you need weed. And an empty stomach (so you can take loads and not be sick). It's best to get a strain that takes ages to affect you (i'll tell you why later). For focusing your high don't mix with tobacco, as this makes the whole experience more hazy. Also (with me at least) it makes me feel sick if I take alot. You want to use either a pipe or a bong. I find a pipe works better, although i don't know why. What you want to do is basicly smoke as much weed as posibble in the shortest amount of time. This is so that you can keep taking more before its really hit you, so you can take huge amounts. Just keep smoking until either you feel very sick (as in if you take more theres a good chance you will be sick) or you literally cannot focus enough to refill the bowl. Now go and lie on a bed, with the light off and no distractions (music, tv etc). This isn't as boring as it sounds. This next bit is purely from personal experience, and is kinda hard to explain. As the drug builds up more and more it can sorta feel like your head is going through a tunnel, or moving forwards or something like that. Focus on this feeling, and try to hold it. It is hard to do, but basicly it gets easier with the more weed you have in you. Then basicly after staying with the feeling (in my experience remember, this may not happen to you) my pulse rate shoots up, and i feel a very strange sensation, like my whole body is on fire or something, but in a good way (sorry, it's REALLY hard to explain). If it starts to get to intense open your eyes and the feelings will subside in a matter of seconds. You can always close your eyes and start over. As the drugs gradually wears off abit, you will just be normally stoned again, and won't be able to achive this feeling anymore so just go eat, listen to music + finish up the experience as a normal stoning night. Hope this helps, please let me know if it works for you, as i wanna find out if im just a freak or if other people can experience this great feeling!

    Love you all,
  7. Che.... Dude.....

    all i can say is:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. will try that. hope i don't fall aslepp :) thanx che
  9. i dont know how i do it, but i like build up anergy in my feet, then i start to make it go up my legs, slowley.... after going all through my body to my head, when it reaches my head, its like a head rush, and i can keep doing it until i like cant move, but i have to be really high to do this, but its worth it!!!

  10. Any time I get stoned at night I lay down in my bed with the lights off. Most of the time when I close my eyes I get this strange feeling in my head kinda like going through a tunnel or moving forward. It usually builds up to a peak and then dies off really quick. The whole thing is like 10-15 seconds usually. I can't seem to keep it more than that. It's Very fun to do cause thats when I feel the most f*cked up off ganja.

  11. thats wut i thought
  12. I don't know if this will work for everyone, but I've found that if I pop two Ginko Biloba (an herbal supplement you can buy inexpensively over the counter at any drug store) before I smoke that I have a much more mentally charged buzz.

    Gingo Biloba increases blood flow to the brain, which also helps you get more stoned. At least that's my expierence with it.
  13. I like to go up n the mountains, hike/climb to the peak, smoke a FAT blunt or a j (sometimes i bring a bong) and lay down on the tallest spot i can find that is comfortable. At night, on a new moon, with a clear sky full of stars, stare at the sky so nothing other than sky is in your field of vision. I close my eyes and visualize the earth as a little ball under me and that i'm sitting on this ball flying through space. Sometimes i get the feeling like i'm on an infinitely high cliff overlooking the vastness of existence, as i feel even the "solid" ground under me begin to move an float like a speck of dust in the cosmos.

    Now that's some shizzle!

    I think the altitude enhances the high, i seem to get higher at elevation, most likely due to being closer to hypoxia.

  14. i gotta take Ginco Biloba all the time anyways or my veins and arteries dry up and i (paaaainfully) loose the use of my limbs.

    (yes.... i am gonna get around to posting something worthwhile in this thread eventually) ... (probably next time i get some green, so dont hold your breath)

  15. I know what you're talking about. That's happened twice, maybe three times. It's fucking trippy and the first time I did it by accident and it freaked the shit out of me. I didn't have to lie down or have the lights off but it is a lot easier when you close your eyes. But instead of a tunnel, my way is I imagine that I'm falling.* It makes the rush comes faster. Feel like you're not floating, but falling. Then when you think you fell to the bottom of the bottomless pit that is your mind, open your eyes and look (and focus) on one object in your current surrounding and do not move your eyes or look at anything else unless you're very scared. You might feel like you're somewhere new.

    Recently I havn't been able to do it on purpose, but mostly cuz I didn't smoke enough weed.

    * -> There can be many ways of initiating this. It can be by moving forward in a tunnel, falling, or being on a rollercoaster, whatever works for you as long as you convince yourself that you are moving, then when your eyes open it's like you stop dead and the rush comes. It's important that if you use the falling one, that you don't look at anything. Just "feel" that you're moving. It's very hard to not look at the colours patterns just think of nothing but moving.

    And as the quoted guy said, it usually only happens once per session so don't bother trying lots of times. I might have done it twice in one session but I can't remember that well.
  16. I think I know what your talking about. except I kind of get a vibration in my head

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