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FoCo (CO) dispensary review: Friendly Fire

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by alisvltprpiis83, May 12, 2010.

  1. #1 alisvltprpiis83, May 12, 2010
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    So, I just got back from Friendly Fire.
    The place is a bit hard to locate, as it is at 1802 Laporte Ave between Taft & Shields. Really interesting building, very limited parking.
    Staff seemed helpful and friendly.
    Selection was somewhat limited, sativa heavy.
    I decided on some Sweet Tooth and some Jah Kush, as they looked good and smelled pretty nice.
    Pro: price caps - $15/g, $50/8th. Fort Collins dispensaries are usually pricey, so this isn't too bad. Paid $60 total (with tax) for about 5 (4.7) grams.
    Cons: Limited selection of indicas, limited parking.
    All in all, I'd give them a B+.
  2. dude i know the guy who grows that jah kush!!!

    its a great strain : )

    ps. there are other dispensaries selling that same strain for like 24 a gram after tax.
  3. If you're lookin for great nug at great prices come to Top Shelf if you haven't already been there. $35 eighths for patients, $49 for nonpatients of any strain in there. My dealer from before I got my license owns it so they're chill as hell. it's at 1101 Academy Court Unit 4. They'll give you a free joint if you say it's your first time :D

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