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Focalin and Darvocet

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by gjdj2, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. Are either of these worth using recreationally. I have a bunch of each and did some research.

    Focalin is an isomer of ritalin and supposedly has the same effects, but it's more potent so you need less to get those same effects.

    Darvocet is some kind of painkiller, but I couldn't find much other than that.

    Has anyone ever experienced either of these drugs? I'm leaning more toward trying the focalin, but I just don't know how much to take and what it'll do. Erowid didn't help me too much.

    Please help me out,
  2. darvocet is too weak to be used recreationaly because the amount you'd have to take would be dangerous because its mixed with APAP.

    focalin might have recreational potential for some depending on dose body size and brain chemistry. i say brain chemistry because i am prescribed focalin for ADD and i can't get any recreational value out of it but i know people that can.

  3. QFT. If you have ADD/ADHD, Focalin will not give any high.

    But if you dont, it can be pretty fun (So ive heard, I will never know :mad:).

    Do a search on focalin and I know theres some good info on GC about it.

    Also I don't have any Darvocet experience, but if its a weak opiate with apap in it, you can do a CWE and have some fun.
  4. Yeah I don't have ADD/ADHD so Focalin will probably have an effect on me, I'm just having trouble finding out what dose to take. Any knowledge out there?
  5. i blew focalin and liked it so you should too

    darvocet on the other hand stinks ive done that too it doesnt do much if im thinking about the right thing they are like big fat pink pills right

  6. I'd start with 20mg or so and see how you feel. If you open the focalin and grind up all the little balls into powder I believe you can snort that.
  7. id probably blow 40mgs or so
  8. focalin is super fun =D especially before class
  9. Ok well I'm trying the focalin. I opened three of the pills (10mg each) and poured out the little balls. I'm having trouble grinding them up though. What's the easiest way?
  10. darvocet is good for rec use.. just pop 3 of them

    focalin is good for rec use.. but Adderalls and Dexedrines are better..
  11. Focalin is basically Ritalin+. Twice as stronger, less physical side effects.
  12. I just smash them with a hammer under a plastic bag. Or get the back of a screwdriver and squish them/ chop them. 30mg for the first time is enough.
  13. UTFSE...for the love of god, UTFSE...countless threads asking the same thing, with the same answers
  14. Just snorted 30mg. I think it's starting to come on now.
  15. Darvocet is wet dog shit. even a handfull with a CWE.

    Focalin is speed.
  16. Lol this was over an hour ago, this kid is bouncing off his walls all \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t[​IMG]
  17. #17 gjdj2, Jun 22, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 22, 2009
    Lol yeah I really like it. Reminds me of Adderall except I'm really unmotivated to do anything. Like I'm all jittery and energetic at my computer, but all I wanna do is sit here shaking and listening to music haha.

    Edit: Oh yeah and I ended up crushing up one more pill and snorting 40mg, not just 30 lol.
  18. New question: is it safe to do Focalin more than once in one day?

    I think it's starting to wear off and I want to do it again, but I don't know if there's some limit you should do in one day (like acetaminophen) or if it'll keep up all night, or other side-effects. So can I do it again now or should I wait a day (or more) until I do it again?
  19. Synthetic uppers have a tendency to build a very rapid tolerance and also tend to cause insomnia from my research and my communications with users both via web and in person.

    By tolerance I mean is that if a user takes lets XYmg's of said substance in a day then a dose of around 2x XYmg's to obtain a similar or substantial effect.

    We can't really give advice more specific than that within the rules so I would say be safe and listen to your body. :D :smoking:
  20. Oh ok I didn't think of it as a dosing question, but I guess I get the point anyway. Thanks.

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