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  1. Anyone familiar with this?
    foam on roots and a film in the res

    Am I in trouble? and if so how do I nip this in the ass before it creates a problem?

    thanks all :)
  2. Foam indicates lotsa microbes breeding. Film indicates algae, or anything BAD!

    Google "root white slime cure", first link. Brew that tea and it'll fight off any rot, as well as really promote healthy growth!
  3. i read the whole thing and it sounds great thanks for the link.

    i think what ill do is order the supplies but for now ill try to clean off the roots and the whole system with h2o2 and see if that helps. if i see the slightest bit of slime i'm going to brew an army.
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    H2O2 just KILLS shit. Thats the point of this tea - if your going to route of tea, IGNORE the little bit of slime. I'd advise against direct applications of H2O2 on your root zone, even if 3% and under - it'll quickly kill your roots. One application isn't THAT bad, and your roots can survive it, but any follow up will wreck them.

    If you really feel you want to, dilute some H2O2 as per the instructions in your res - this is a little less strenuous. But, you HAVE the microbes in your system now. The cleaning it'll take to completely cleanse your system will kill your roots; you'll be essentially starting over from day 1, or week 1. Not fun at all. And, if you don't wipe out EVERY little cell of algae and slime mold, you'll have just stressed your plants while doing nothing but setting back the rot - it'll come back later, within a few days.

    To replenish a rot colony it takes only 1-2 days. To replenish your root mass it takes the lifetime of the plant over again.

    If you have foam and slime now your system is not 100% sealed - the microbes exist and may come again. By using the tea you NEVER have to worry about resurgence. With H2O2 its almost guarenteed that you'll get it again if you do nothing but clean your buckets and roots quickly - again, a thorough cleaning going through the hydroton and root mass will just kill the roots.

    I had full blown root rot, orange and brown sludge on the roots, get under control by just slinging in the tea. Before that I did multiple res changes per week with at least 5 bouts of H2O2 applications per plant killing the roots. Now I just sit back and enjoy my plants growing. Brewing a batch of tea every week is annoying, but I more than make up for it in saved time from not having to change reservoirs EVER (Still on my first run with the tea, but its been over a month since my last res change)

    Really I just want to show you a preventing alternative so that you don't do what I did, and play tennis with root rot. H2O2 will kill the baddies, but if even 1 strand of root dies from the application and you don't cut it off, it = food and housing for more rot. and the way I see it, your hydroton is the perfect house for rots - if run H2O2 through there itll stress the heck out of your plant, but if you don't root rot is likely to come back.

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