foam rollers?

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  1. Any of you guys use one?

    My trainer recommended it. I guess it relieves stress and muscle tightness, basically its like muscle theraphy and the equivalent of a deep tissue massage.

    What do you guys think? And have any of you had good results? I'm thinking of getting one.
  2. Wouldn't say its equivalent to a deep tissue massage.. but they're pretty dope.
  3. Foam rollers are dope!

    They come in three different colors:

    white: soft
    black: very firm
    blue: firm

    My first was a 36 inch (they come as 36 inchers or 12 inchers) white one. It was a good buy, but I felt like it was too soft. I felt like I couldn't dig in deep into my muscles, and that it was still leaving tightness. So I was reading on the forums and I was going to buy a black one. I read that a lot of people said the black ones were INTENSE, so I was like fuck yeah! I'm gonna get it. But then I came across the rumbleroller:

    RumbleRoller Compact

    Fortunately, I live by Dicks Sporting Goods, and they carry the rumble rollers. So I got a 12 inch blue one. It was SOOO much better than the regular foam rollers. The rumbleroller has...treads, on it, which dig into your muscles to get those really deep knots out. I wish I got the black one, though...

    It is VERY therapeutic. I paid 30 bucks for the white (which was way over priced, I wanted one right that second though) but the white foam rollers can be found for about 20 bucks and the blue and black for about 30 bucks. Im talking about the 36 inch ones, don't know the prices for the 12 inch foam rollers.

    Bottom line: foam rollers are dope, but if you plan integrating foam rolling into your life, I'd recommend a rumble roller.

    Also, people use la crosse balls to alleviate knots in the muscles. I haven't tried one, but I hear nothing but good about them.
  4. I have a nice 12" firm roller, so nice after a leg workout. I also use it to stretch out my back. I used to use a lacrosse ball to stretch out my feet after tennis, still use one on my chest, calves and arms. Massage is really good for recovery.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys!

    Well I went to the store to get me one yesterday. I didn't know how to use it so I just looked at some youtube videos so hopefully I'm doing it right, I mean it doesn't look like rocket science. It kinda hurt, especially around my thigh muscles, but I felt so good after. I can't wait to see how this improves my performance in the long run:hello:
  6. I strongly recommend foam rolling. I use one daily as well as a la cross ball. Make sure to get the inside and outside of your thigh, as well as lat (side under arm to bottom of rib cage)

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  7. What muscles do you use lacrosse ball on
  8. I use I to separate my two hamstring muscles, it band, hip flexor, pirifirmis, and hip Glute muscles around pirifirmis. Also against wall on sides of spine near shoulder blades and under shoulder blades. Delta. Bottom of foot.
    I teach Self Myofacial release classes.

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  9. they are great.

    but nothing like a real massage... not even close.
  10. Yea nothing like a good body worker. I have avoided 2 surgeries thanks to Airosti they are body workers. Amazing, if you have any injuries I strongly recommend looking these guys up.

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  11. while on the subject... also check out A.R.T. for serious muscle pain (soft tissue damage).
    it is wonderfully painful, but saved me from bad injuries more than once.

    youtube: active release techniques
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    Thanks. Looking now

    That is basically same techniques used by Airosti. They called it active trigger point release. There is also Fascia Stretch techniques which are awesome
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  13. i roll all the time on my blue 36 inch. feels hellllllllaaaa goooodd

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