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  1. There is some clearish white foam forming to 4 of my 6 net pots in a DWC system. The foam is clear and does not smell. Ph is at 5.9 to 6.0 and ppms are 1100 it is a 7.5 gallon res temps are 70 to 74 tops. Oh yeah for nutes I'm using tenaflora plant are 3rd week of veg. Any ideas would be great thanks.. and should i be worried about this foam??
  2. so no one has any ideas what this could be from? I checked the net pots when I got home from work and most of the foam has disappeared so I wonder what it was from??? Anyone...
  3. I use Dutch masters zone and it foams up a bit when its fresh, but it doesn't last & I haven't had any problems, Hope this helps.
  4. prolly just the oxygen and the nutes with the hydroton
  5. On on my first grow and upon initial mix my pots foamed up (air stone helped), but it went away. My nutrients were at half the recommended flora around 500 ppms and the kids are doing great hope this helps.
  6. If the roots are doing well, try not to worry.

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