Fo' Thizzle mah Nizzle

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  1. [​IMG]

    Im stoked these Pink/Tan stars are the best rolls i have ever eaten and tomorrow im rolling face with this girl i been talking to for awhile hopefully i get lucky :D
  2. I love pink stars. Some of the cleanest rolls I've ever had. +rep
  3. for real dude best i have had other than pure molly
  4. I just.............JIzZEd iN my PAntS
  5. Good beans my man :D
  6. cool

    have fun
  7. i like how everyone calls them thizz or thizzles, i remember no one out of the bay area knew what "thizz" was :laughing:.
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    DAMN!! i'm so jealous! That is a nice press.

    The closest i've gotten to pills shaped other than pies were yellow diamonds, and blue transformer (autobot and decepticon shaped)

    GOOD pick up :)

    Haha thizzles i still call them beans :)

    i refer to them as shirts
  9. nice man thats what i picked up two nights ago. the night before that i got the somthing similar to it but it was a little darker pink/red. have a good time :wave:
  10. Burning cd's now for tommorow got some MGMT, MIA, Techno and some rap and Of course my favorite song Semi Charmed life-Third eye blind :D
  11. i had those in purple...only felt good for about 90 mins though :(
  12. dude fuck ya man :hello::hello:
  13. i got a blue w/ white specs and a butterfly imprint now, anyone have these before??
  14. FUCK YOU

    ARRRRRRRRG I need to get my hands on thes rolls!
  15. badass.
    I had never heard thizz till I joined this website. And when I saw it I thought it was a lame word that sounded a lot like jizz. now im just used to seeing it.

    I live really close to Mexico so everyone calls them "tachas"
  16. Last time these same stars had me rolling absolute balls for 7 hours:hello:

    Therye 20 a Hit but WELL worth it for a heavy dosed only MDMA pill
  17. Dude Blue Transformers are awesome. First kind i had ever taken ^_^
    God i love thizz/rolls/smackers/molly/skittles/pies/poppers/x/e

    Oh my...I thought me paying 7-9 a pop was horrible.
    I finally got a hook up for 5 a pop, but im sure they aint as pure as yours are ^_^
  18. MMM!

    Fuck ive seen the stars but not in a shaped press...
  19. yea man i had these and i felt great for a long ass time aswell. i actualy walked home in the middle of the night at like 4 in the morning and stayed up all day since i didnt want the feelign in my bofy to go away. :p this was after i took one and railed a half around 12ish?

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