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  1. Brand new at this. Well I got my first plants coming up. One of them I have had in water since the leaves popped up after the water leaves, (not sure what they are called). Any way is this safe? It seems to be growing great. Should I put it water.
  2. i've never heard of growing weed in water . lol

  3. Hydroponics?
  4. youve never heard of hydro? lol jk

    and the leaves are called cotyledon. they are the leaves that are present in the seed as they germinate and are the first leaves when the plant sprouts.

    is the whole plant in water? cuz ive heard of stoners trying this urban legend, and cant say if it works or not. as far as i know, from my knowledge of plants this shouldnt work, but who knows. look up freakbro or oldskoolgrower. they will have the answers for you.

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