FML broke my ten-arm perc. now stuck inside tubee? HELP!

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  1. so the title pretty much explains it. I was hanging out with a couple buddies the other night, drinking some beer, had a little bon fire going. My Wicked Sands "tiny" beaker bottom - 10-arm tree perc is sitting on the ground behind my chair. Reached behind me for the bong to pack up a bowl and knocked it right over. Theres no actual damage to the tube itself, but the 10-arm is pretty much completely fucked. All 10-arms are still intact, no cracks or anything--it seems as if they have all just come unattached from the main stem of the perc and are now just stuck in that position. Theres a headshop in my area that does glass repairs but does anyone know if this kind of break is even fixable??

    Anyways, it was about a 350$ tube total. So pissed at myself for knocking it over. I mean it still rips, but without the perc its obviously not the same..time to step it up and invest in a TORO i guess haha :smoking:

  2. Oh noes Wicked Sands has some great work and their TTs are the best I think!

    Anyways I was in a co-op one time talking with a guy that said his TT perc broke and he took it back to WS and they replaced it for free. So I would take it back to WS and have them take a look at it and see if they can do some repairs.
  3. well it is probably fixable, but you need to make sure that the bong is absolutely clean before you take it in, or they won't fix it if it has resin in it.

  4. No lie dudeee it was a sweet bong. loved that thing.
  5. this is like a reaaaaaaly hard puzzle, idk if i could do it.

    first post. not the second one.

  6. Yeah once I get some money flowing in im going to make a trip up there and buy myself one:hello:

    You said it was $350? Was it worked or no? and what were the colors?

    Sorry for all the questions....It's my favorite bong atm:p
  7. i think i payed around 300$ for the actual tube, then custom diffy and bowl was another like 50$. I would recommend this bong to anyone a thousand times. good luck finding one though, Wicked Sands got raided a while back and i'm pretty sure theyre out of business

  8. Aww Man:(
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    I was on another website and the owner or someone who worked at WS said this

    THANK YOU.. Rix.He said it..Yes we will be making our own trees from now on....Its 2010 all new Line on Tiny tubes coming out....We will all so have an all new stamp for or new tiny tubes A new year new stamp.....We have many new crazy things in the works..This year Wicked Sands will come back very strong....We will keep you posted..much love..

    The owner works with a co-op so hopefully this comes true:hello:

    He also added this

    Thank you cephas..Wait till you see who I bring together this year....I have been on a crazy mission and soon evryone will see the return Of WICKED SANDS..I love bringing new artist's work to WS..Much Love..

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