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flying with pot

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by slezpass, May 23, 2010.

  1. has anyone ever flown out of the NYC area with weed on them for their vacation? if you did, how did you fly with it? did you keep it on your personal self or did you stash it somewhere in your checked luggage? friends and i are going to the beach and we want to bring our own stuff with since we won't know anyone there and it will be 4 girls....let me know how you travel with your stuff...none of us really drink, we smoke....thanks!!! ;)
  2. Don't, security in airports is very tight. you will get caught and go to jail.

  3. :hello: this^^^
  4. It's really not worth the risk.
  5. Of course the safe decision would be not to do it, i am not suggesting that you do it, however..

    my aunt's boyfriend flew from cleveland ohio, to new orleans with a little bubbler and about a quarter of mids without a problem.

    he was like 40+ years old though, and really didnt care if he got caught.

    i wouldnt do it if your weed is stinky, you cant keep calm, and if you dont do well under pressure. mostly all you do is walk to your plane though, if you have access to a vaccum bag sealer you can tape the bag to the inside of a pair of pants.

    as long as you dont go stoned you should get away with it easily
  6. man, ur with 4 girls, each could hide atleast a quarter a piece on em. use your imagination. but be careful!
  7. I've done it before with about a gram or two, taped it inside my pants..
    But it was through a small airport..
    Just keep calm if you do it, You'll be alright ;)
  8. Why would he not care? he can go to jail for years
  9. ITs not hard to do if your not flying internationally.
  10. Well you kinda have to know the guy to understand. He probably figured it wouldnt be a big deal if he got caught.

    The guy is amazing though, someone everyone wishes to be in a way. Also he was busted with a pipe a week before he flew out to New orleans, and had to do a month in jail when we got back lol.

    We blazed some fat joints in the hotel room (which i was very shaded out about) and got completely hammered. It seems once some people hit that age they feel invincible :confused_2:
  11. If you want to fly with pot just smoke it.
  12. All I can say is when you go through security make fucking sure you have no metal on you. Take off your shoes belt etc lap top out of the case you don't want to be searched because your too lazy to take your belt off.

    But if you do that it should be a piece of cake if your smart on hiding it.
  13. I flew out of Laguardia and JFK with a dub in my pocket. No problems. This was about a year ago. I wouldn't even risk it now though, I've heard they've begun to install x-ray machines.
  14. ya i wouldnt recomend it but if you must then just make sure you have no metal on you when you go through like Ef4 said and act calm as fuck because if they think you are sketchin they will search. oh also maybe wear briefs and stash them in the pocket where the crotch is theres a spot that you can stash weed down between ya asscrack n balls
  15. i definitely wouldn't have the weed physically on your body since some airports now have full body scans... I left a penny in my pocket by accident when flying from rome to philadelphia and had to be searched... From what i hear, the best method is to buy a pack of cigarettes, grind up the weed and put it in them, then fill the ends up with tobacco.
  16. Wanna fly with weed? Here's what you do. At the entrance of the airport, light up a bowl and take an immensely large hit. Hold that hit, go thru security, the terminal, the plane ride, the destination's terminal, and another security checkpoint. Then exhale. That way, you'll be high on your trip right after exiting the destination's airport. I've done it a kazillion times ;) .
  17. Customs guys and cops can spot a person whos worried or stressed at 100 paces , its those people who get plucked for searches.
    With the full body scans now its a moot point.

    Flip side is ive never been to a beach where there wasnt pot available.
  18. This is gross but... put your stash in a very tight baggy (I recommend more than one to be safe) and then put the bag in a peanut butter jar in the peanut butter. Then check your bag with the jar in your bag with all your other shit.
  19. It's not worth the risk of the random search and your f'ed. I have flown with it before prior to 9/11 with no problems though; but the searches were not that precise. Now if I had to bring it with me I would put in in my checked luggage so I could claim STUPID if caught. "Yeah the taxi driver gave it to the airport baggage guy..". I didn't give it to you crap.

    Be safe its not worth being another statistic.
  20. i would suggest not doing it at all....but if you are going to...well i would suggest putting it...well in a body cavity men don't or i have a friend who always keeps her stuff in her bra...^.^ just make sure they don't have body scanners....and if your going to carry some on you the 1 thing you sure as hell shouldn't do is smoke beforehand....that will just make you paranoid...good luck ^.^

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