Flying With Bud

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  1. I have to fly to the dominican republic n i wana bring sum greens wit me how to i get it down there in the safest way im flying from new york internationally HELP ME OUT [​IMG]
  2. Watch Harold And Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay

    Do they opposite of that.
  3. Clean hand put, into clean bags! Double bag. Then release any air, fold and place in jeans or pants pocket. Place this pair of pants in the middle of your suit case. Hope this helps:smoke::smoke:

    PS- A little bit of cologne or air freshener makes the flight much easier on the mind.
  4. to be honest, I wouldn't risk it, but I dunno what border security / customs is like in the US> I'd think twice before I walk paqst the drug detector dogs at customs here in SYdney with bud in my bag.
  5. They have body scanners you step into that shows whats under your clothes on a screen.

    They even make boxers/bras n underwear that has lead in the writing so they read it when they are looking.
  6. I'm gonna give you the answer:
    step #1 buy some ginco biloba.
    step #2 empty a bunch of pills out...the ginco is greenish ground up material.
    step#3 fill as many of the empty pills with ground up weed.
    Step #4 put them back in the ginco pill bottle.
    Step #5 put bottle in a quart sized plastic bag with all your vitamins and asprin and stuff.

    step #6 smoke and enjoy at your destination:smoke:

    Ive done this a bunch of times no worries.:hello:

    Good luck :D

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