Flying Smoking Paper Propellor Trick *DIY Vid*

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    Hey Blades,

    I learnt this trick 20 years ago - it's a classic boredom killing trick with a smoking paper that will amuse and astound your friends!

    I warn you though that it takes a lot of practice to master.

    *edit* something needs to be pointed out because it's not that clear in the video - once you've folded in the edges of the paper you need to unfold them slightly to make the "tray" shape


    The "loop the loop" is the hardest trick to manage and you can even do this trick with both hands and two papers - it's a bitch but it can be done!

    The whole point is to keep the paper perpendicular (right angles) to the tip of your finger at all times - the second your finger isn't at right angles it will fall off ;)

    Smaller papers work better as they spin faster but people with larger hands can up the size - if you have small hands and try to do this with a larger paper then it will only catch against your hand and wont work.

    Thicker paper work better than thins.

    Anyway, feel free to ask any questions!

    Oh yeah, and you'll have to excuse the sofas - the dog destroyed them! :eek:

    Happy Spinning


    [ame=""]YouTube - Flying Smoking Paper Rotary Propellor Trick![/ame]

  2. Hahaha, that's so cool! Nice SaM!
  3. I wanna do this soooo bad but can't make it work...
  4. haha what a legit & badass video. I'm def. gonna try that shit when i get home tonight
  5. just be patient

    it took me a few hours to get it to spin without turning round and round in circles

    it works but makes you dizzy!
  6. Well I just don't get it to spin at all, am i missing something wit hthe folding? it doesn't exactly seem like the folding one would use on a propeller, but it obviously works very well in your video....
  7. make sure the edges of the "tray" are facing outwards and you are using the very tip of your finger ;)
  8. Excellent - the vid turned out alright!!

  9. anyone sussed it yet? :p
  10. lol i meant to try it last night (we even smoked a joint) but i completely forgot to
  11. lol easily done!

    try it out - easiest way is to fold in the edges then fold them out slightly then put it to your finger and spin round standing on the same spot

    then experiment from there ;)
  12. for sure, i'm gonna try to remember to do that tonight. My girl's brothers comin by to smoke a blunt w/ us in celebration of us getting engaged, so hopefully i don't forget again haha!

    i'll let you know what happens though
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    I did it! First time too :p

    This is an awesome little trick, thanks for posting. +Rep

    EDIT: After 15 minutes of spinning around my room looking like a complete idiot I've managed to semi-master the 'loop-the-loop', whoever knew you could have this much fun with a rolling paper.
  14. looks entertaining

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