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Flying Into Mexico With A Few BHO Candies?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by min7b5, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. Going to Paurto Vallarta this week for a little family vacation. Thinking about bringing maybe just three lollipops from the dispensary for sleeping. Or maybe not. Trying figure out the risk level. I understand Mexico has decrimmed small amounts for personal use, but I'm guessing small amounts found in airport are not looked upon that way? Also, these professionally packaged lollipops don't look suspicious, and I can't smell anything…. Thoughts?

  2. I'd say don't take anything weed related on a flight, especially not an international flight. Just find some weed down there
  3. Next on Locked Up Abroad; lolipop luck.


    Why the fuck would you bring a drug, and an insignificant amount for that matter, on a international flight?
    Wait to get to tijuana or wherever you're going and score some dank brick.
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    I'm not experienced in this department what so ever... But I don't see the risk? What are they going to do....
    > sees a lollipop in X-Ray machine
    > pull bag from conveyer belt
    > searches for lollipop
    > finds said lollipop
    > sends it to a lab to check for THC

    But serious I don't know how it works. I'm sure youl be fine but again u am NOT experienced in this department

    If you wanna get down to buisness you can take a dumdum wrapper and put it around your diggity dank candy? Then it just looks like a literal dumdum... Might help if you have kids... Or say you have diabetes and you need sugar some times

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  5. Don't do it man. It's not worth the risk of what they might do to you in Mexico if they find them. Within the US the risk is allot lower and the TSA sucks ass anyway.

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  6. Thanks for the thoughts so far. I play jazz for living and probably fly domestically over a hundred times a year with small amounts of pot. Never on the return flight of course. But flying out of my home airport -in a state where I am a card holder- I never think about it at all. I just put it out in the open in the bus tub with my shoes in security. Never had a problem with TSA, only smiles from them at PDX. Once a guy asked if “I have the paper work for that” I said yes but he didn't ask to see it. Anyway, I know this is very different being international so that's why I'm asking. My only concern is customs in Mexico. It's pretty hard to imagine them going after a middle aged dad with kids in tow for a few pieces of candy… My concern was being put in a position where I'd have to pay cash to get out of trouble. I'll probably end up calling this a tolerance break.
  7. Man mexico can be good or really really bad- think detained by federal authorities until do whatever they want with you. I'm going to guess they have drug dogs at the airport so I'd seal it in a double sealed MBB

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