Flying Internationally with Dry Herb Vaporizer

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  1. hey,
    I recently just bought an Atmos Jump and I will be flying home to India from NYC.
    Do you think it'll be okay to carry the vape (as clean as possible) inside its box in my carry on luggage?(since it's not allowed in checked bags)
    Also any cleaning advice will be appreciated because I'm fairly new to vapes, just switched over

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  2. To my knowledge, flying with "gear" is not illegal. The substance is illegal but the apparatus is not. I'm no expert in Indian law though.

    Interesting you say that the vape is not allowed in checked bags. Pretty sure anything not allowed in checked is not going to be allowed as carry on. Generally things that are not allowed as carry-on, like large containers with liquids etc, are allowed in checked.

    I brought my Vape from Amsterdam as part of my checked luggage.
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    This is apparently the new rule because they switch on in luggage and cause fires. There's no regulation on vapes in India at the moment, so I wouldn't have to declare it or anything.

    I did some research and the tsa said they don't specifically look for drugs and only look for bombs and guns but if they find something then they have to do something . Basically I just don't want anyone to look at it too carefully and get it tested or something. I'm just worried about 2 things-
    1) the checkpoint where you put electronics in the tray

    2) drug sniffing dogs, though I don't think they'll be too big of a problem since I'm carrying it on my person. At no point do I intend to use it at the airport
  4. Enter name followed by "went directly to jail followed by never being allowed to enter that country again.
  5. If there is no regulation on vapes, I'd say you're good. Without specific regulation saying no vapes are allowed, the vape becomes nothing more but yet another tobacco burning product, should you be questioned. Just personal opinion. I've traveled with mine three times now within continental Europe and never had an issue.
  6. Here in america i dont know about NYC international but other airports ive been to swab your luggage for any types of Residues and or Chemicals. Drug dogs will smell it if youve used it AT ALL. Dont understand why you wouldnt just buy a new one and leave it in the box THEN take it home brand new. But you gotta use it.....why? Then travel with it? Why risk it?
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  7. Those aren't drug sniffing dogs. Those are bomb and chemical sniffing dogs... Lol (to my knowledge and experience)... Don't stress it. If you don't act sketchy you'll be fine. I always fly with vape stuff (along with a gram or two of hash oil) and I've yet to have a problem. I vape an E-cig as well and just take my herb/oil vape apart, and in my normal vape case. Works perfect every time. I flew out of Denver last year (on 4/22 might I add) baked as shit with enough felonies for me and the 100 people flying in front of me. It went fine. I was fine. Although it wasn't international, just be super clean and you'll be okay.

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  8. People are forgetting. You are allowed to smell like weed or have a dog smell weed on you, but as long as your luggage is truly weed-free you're good to go. Clean the hell out of everything and get ready to say you got it for tobacco from a previous user at your last location. What he used it for you have no clue.

    It won't come to that but it never hurts to have a worst case scenario story. It's particularly easy to deliver since you know for a fact you weren't transporting actual MJ, meaning they don't have anything on you.

    If I got detained for a clean vape I'd be in touch with my lawyer off the bat and would threaten lawsuit for sheer annoyance. Unless there is a law prohibiting vapes you are legal to travel with a clean one imo.
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  9. Probably because I'm a broke ass college girl and can't buy 2.
  10. So you cant smoke other things until you get home to use it? Ill never understand why people take stupid risks like what you are doing. Its common sense.
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  11. I fly with weed and wax all the time within the US and don't even hide it. It says right on TSA's website they do not search for marijuana but if they find it they turn it over to authorities. Honestly I wouldn't risk anything international, cleaned or not. That was always my rule of thumb and I traveled a lot between Asia and the US, never international, never worth it. Always fly 100% clean when going from one country to another that is my advice. Find another means of smoking in India, papers...bongs, I think it's pretty liberal in certain areas but I have no idea.
  12. Damn you have balls my good sir. I have never seen a drug dog in an airport but have only been on a plane a couple times. Not so sure they will just confiscate your paraphernalia and schedule 1 drug on a federal level. Once they take it off it will probably have to go into your luggage like alcohol.

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  13. In soviet russia pen vapes you

    there's certain accidents where you may be drunk and on drugs.
    but it's going to happen weather you are or your not
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  14. I've walked by a few dogs, they are bomb/chemical sniffing or just intimidation really. I've flown about 8 times cross country from LA to up and down the east coast (NY/FLA/NC) etc. As long as your not muling drugs (like oz's) and it's a small personal use stash they aren't going to really mess with you (in my experience). I don't recommend it but then again I've been doing it for years and have never had any issue. Always in a checked bag, inside a ziplock or two.
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  15. Clean your vaporizer good with iso alcohol, and unless it smells like weed, you would be fine. I took my vaporizer on holiday, but took a small bag of chamomile saying I vape chamomile and they let me go.

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  16. Cleaning: I haven't cleaned mine, BUT you should run it in a cycle first to warm up the sticky residue then hit it with either iso alcohol or Everclear-proof liquor and a cotton swab. Supposedly you can then vape that, too if you're desperate. I'm not.

    Traveling: I can't imagine you would have issue if it's cleaned well. I take edibles when I travel if I really want to take anything with me and mix those with non-infused edibles. No one is going to be the wiser :)
  17. Experiences on European flights: it doesn't seem to be a problem (at least, for a young and unsuspicious looking female like myself...).

    I took my dry herb vaporizer (well-cleaned) with me in my cabin luggage; since recently it's not allowed to take vape pens and such into check-in luggage because of the fire hazard, I think.

    At the security check for my flight from Frankfurt to Vienna this week they didn't notice it or get it out of the bag. For the flight from Vienna to Amsterdam, they did notice it on the scan, took it out, and looked at it for like 2 seconds (probably just recognizing it as a vaporizer and then it was fine). I took the battery out beforehand and put it in my luggage separately (again, airline regulations against fire hazard) but the guy didn't even check.

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