Flyin out to Colorado tomorrow

Discussion in 'General' started by goodvibess, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. As the title says. Have an early flight from Albany, NY to Denver. Im flying by myself so ill prolly be on here most of the time. Just wondering if the fellow blades can update me on what its like out there right now weather wise, maybe how the mountain conditions are(Abasin, breck, copper, vail, keystone) by first hand exprience.

    Im staying in Silverthorne at my aunts as I do every year. Stoked to board though

    Maybe even if I see some weird shit at the airport ill update.

  2. Damn dude have fun out there. I'd love to get out west sometime. Stuck here in CT lol it sucks

  3. Thanks man i plan on it! I highly recommend going sometime. I love the east coast; but Colorado is so beautiful and the communities are so chill. Love it
  4. I feel like there's just so much more room out there. There's no room here haha too cramped I feel

  5. Haha right? I feel you, man
  6. Subbed for possible weird shit that goes down at airport.

  7. If the blades wanna hear, i will certainly post my observations. hahah
  8. Yes prease
  9. so you gonna be smokin on some of those quality CO buds or what my liege?
  10. I went up to copper Friday it was really good and the weather was nice, I'm hitting up winter park tomorrow. Have fun and welcome to CO :D

  11. :smoke:
  12. Wow what a small world

    Silverthorne is so small but OMG its beautiful

  13. Yessir. My aunts place has a prime view of Buffalo mt. Its too beaut

  14. Good to know man! Thank you! enjoy WP
  15. Have you had any cannabis in Co yet?


  16. No and no! one more reason why I'm stoked!
  17. Haha funny, I have a similar trip in the morning as well.

  18. Please share..
  19. Getting up in the morning, flying from California to Denver and lastly La. Going alone and this will actually be my first time on a plane.
  20. there are dispensaries all over Colorado if you have your medical card, just driving from a suburb of denver to winterpark we saw at least 5 dispensaries, they are in pretty much every little mountain town

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