Flyin' high at the dentist

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Funk96, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. I just went to my dental appointment completely ripped:D
    Made it a lot more interesting haha

    Anyone ever go to the dentist blazed?
  2. omg I would never want to taint something as good and holy as pot, with an experience like the dentist!! *shudder* saliva disgusts me and as soon as he pulls out the sucker hose, my stomache turns

  3. I hate the dentist! f**k having the hands of unknown people in my mouth haha
  4. I don't know, going to the dentist high made it somewhat tolerable. Probably the best visit yet, apart from almost falling asleep 5 or 6 times.:smoke:
  5. rofl

    i dont see why everyone has such a big deal with the dentist, i consider myself a pretty sensitive person but none of the shit bothers me..
  6. The dentist doesn't really bother me all the much. I'd just rather not have some old guy put his fingers in my mouth.
  7. I went to the dentist high once.. I was fine until I breathed in the Nitrogen Oxide.. I literally couldn't stop laughing for an hour and felt like :hippie: the whole time :D
  8. thats why you get smokin hot fresh out of college bitches to do your teeth :hello:

    (gotta keep your shit under control though, if you know what i mean :ey:)
  9. Haha yeah dude, the girl who washes my hair when I get it cut is insanely hawt. Love getting my hair cut.;)
  10. i do too, so relaxing, i cant imagine how great it is buzzin', imma have to try that one day :smoking:
  11. If im going to the DEVIL (dentist) im going to suck down tons of laughing gas. and then let them do work.

    Last time I had a tooth pulled when I was 15 for my braces I told them I didnt feel the laughing gas and they cranked that mother up.. I was sitting there inhaling the stuff so hard for a good few minutes, I was on cloud 9 in no time..
  12. 3 fucking cavities...blazed out of me noodle.
  13. I've went to get blood work blazed. Worst experience of my life.
  14. It makes the waiting room more fun I guess, but going to the dentist blazed sucks. Last thing I want after smoking a bowl is some asshole picking at my teeth.
  15. haha, I love going to my dentist, she's hot as hell! ;)
  16. its called nitrous oxide bro

  17. i dont know what that means but I thought it said "gave blood sotend" oh man that would be intense 2

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