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    Greetings, my first grow and yes, I have made the 1001 mistakes but I am learning. I have learned there are so many varibles in growing. Leave out one fact and it goes in a entire new direction.
    Flushing like behinds, everyone has one.Flush 10 gallons a day for the last two weeks, never flush, on and on. (soil)
    I have been using the Hesi system. No problems, I do everything 1/2 strength, 1 watering and next ferts. I am into my 5th week of flowering. My girls, all 5, Lola,Gina,Sophia,Isnea and Trudy all are looking good but I am still wondering about flushing. This crazy every day flushing sounds like a waste of time and why would you want to have zero in your soil? Taste? Yes, I am concerned as the taste is a very important componet of smoking.
    I am thinking about 1 complete flush right before harvest, maybe one week.
    Please share your thoughts with me as I have gotten through this grow with your help. Thanks. I have been smoking since 1965. I enjoy marajuana, the smell, the smoke, the plant. 1969-1year L.A. County Jail. 1972-2 years back to back on two marajuana possessions. Used to be a felony. here I am, still smoking and wondering why it has taken so damn long to leagalize.
    Ask a cop how many fights he had to break up because people were smoking too much.Alcohol and Tabacco have killed many more people then marajuana ever has.
    The only crime attributed to marajauana was a hold-up of a Baskin Robbins store where the intruders robbed the store of two 5 gallon buckets of ice cream.
    All my best, Moshe I have grown over 2 dozen outdoor crops and indoors is a whole different ballgame. Much harder with many more varibles.
  2. The chemicals are being flushed out and those chemicals make you cannabis taste like crap flushing is a must it will make it taste better
  3. In my opinion, everyday flushing is unnecessary. I have read a few different threads about flushing and flushing methods and found a few that seem to agree on a 2-3 week flushing time. Not watering everyday, just keeping the same watering schedule but just use regular water and increase the volume to allow plenty of run off ( some suggest double the container size).
  4. Were you hi when you posted this?
  5. Would you have to flush if your just using seaweed liquid fertilizer once a week( 16 liters per 9 plants) would an organic fertilizer make it taste bad?

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