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  1. First of all how do you do it and second how often if you would reply that would be awesome thank you
  2. hey im only new myself, My first grow but i think to flush you should use ph balanced water. If you have a 10litre pots you need to flush with 30litres of water so its 3 times the size of the pot. I think you need to do it at least once for every grow. Im not totaly sure as i said its my first grow but thats my input lol :confused:
  3. you flush at the end of your grow, usually the last week or two. flushing is not necessary, but it helps improve the taste of the buds of you flush before harvesting. in this case, flushing just means using just water to water the plants instead of water with nutrients. you always want to make sure your water is at the appropriate ph before watering with it.

  4. Awesome I am about 3 weeks from harvest and used minimal nutrients but I still think I am going to flush it before harvest. Than you for the help!!!
  5. no problem. be careful when you start flushing to not do it too early. i'd pretty much wait 'til you're almost ready and then start flushing. people usually tend to chop too early, so don't start flushing too early thinking you'll be choppin soon! give it a week or 2 of water and it'll taste better usually.
  6. if u are using like promix or something flush every 25 to 30 days using straight water 3 times the amount u usually give them
  7. IMO flushing on a straight grow (during the grow, not at the end of flowering) is not necessary. if you have a mother or veg a plant for really long, then maybe, but a flush during a cycle and not at the end just means the plant is going to experience some shock because the tds will go way down and then way up again when you reintroduce nutes.

    obviously if you do something that requires you to rid the medium of whatever is in there (ie. made ph too low, added too much nutes, etc...) then you want to flush to get that stuff out of there. The shock of the flush is waaaay less harmful than the harm the imbalance in the medium could cause.

    if it's just for shits and giggles, though, or if it's "preventative maintenanace" then a flush only shocks a plant. there's no reason to do it. it's unnatural in nature itself... the cycle of nutrients just keeps up along with the seasons.. it's rare in nature for a plant to have its medium completely flushed and then at the next exposure to water have a full load of nutes again over the course of a day.
  8. I begged outside and found after each rainstorm the plants got Bigger and greener could this be a natural flush

  9. thats increased turgor pressure from the recent rain. just like a plant will perk up after a watering. this topic is flushing, rain would be waaaay more than flushing. but, there could be something to your statement, as rain carries nutrients to the plant otherwise unavailable. so, its hard to prove if the rain or water alone make the greenery greener outside after a rain...
    Thank you for this info, it makes sense to me, nature doesnt flush every few weeks. I've been growing indoor for 2 years, so I'm still learning;both the guy who taught me and the guy who I bounce ideas and thoughts off of suggested flushing occassioanly during the flower cycle and then flushing at the end. I have had some beautiful results, omg I cannot bleieve the quality of the meds that have come out of that room... but this does make total sense to me, think I will try it next run. As it is, I flush them about half as often as was suggested to me because it seemed kinda crazy to take away the food so often.
  11. Yeah don't listen to people about 3 or 4 times your container. That is when you are flushing from nutrient burn. Flushing at the end of flower simply not feeding your plants nutes for the last two weeks. Just a normal amount of water you would give them, but straight water so they use the nutrients stored in the leaves.

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