flushing your plant

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  1. do i wait till myplant is dry then flush. because i read that u use three times the amount of water your pot can hold is this true or cansome one help me on this. also i beleave to much water is bad i dont get it. sory when is best to flush. hope some one can help pleas. thanx............
  2. I take it this is due to fertilizer burn....

    take your time when flushing,,,no need to hurry..

    Don't worry,as long as your medium drains easily,you'll be fine...,when you are finished flushing,,you will not need to water for a bit longer than normal,maintain ventilation,at the time you think it should be watered,,,wait another day,,after flushing so heavy it is better to be a little drier when you again water,,then water as usual,,with plain water,check Ph,then at least 2 regular waterings before attempting to use fertmix.. always water slightly to moisten medium with fresh water before applying fertwater,,this will help to prevent fertburn/rootshock in the future...

  3. Is this in reference to the final flush at the end of flowering?

    If so, you should not add any fertilizer at the end of your growing season. Only add fresh clean water. This goes for soil, but espicially hydro. By adding only water and no ferts the last two weeks of growing before you cut it down, you eliminate a lot of the harshness in the smoke. If you have already harvested, its too late to flush.

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