Flushing soilless/Changing Nutes before flowering Question(s)

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  1. Hey all,

    On day 35 from seed, 6 plants in 5 gal buckets. 4 way LST'd 2 days ago, veg nutes at 100% and plants exploding daily. :D Medium is soilless.

    I want to start flowering within the next few days, and was wondering a few things.

    1. DO i need to flush the medium before switching to flowering nutes?
    2. Would the PPM of my runoff tell me if Im getting salt buildup?

    I was told to flush my plants, apply the flowering nutes at 1/3 strength, and sit them in 24/30 dark before starting 12/12, and building up nute strength in 1/3's, does this sound ok?

    3. Is it ok to flush that much water (5 gal buckets, so 15 gal of water to flush) through each bucket, then apply nutes on top of that? will I drowned my girls?

    Thanks for the input...
  2. If you are talking about DWC, swapping the solution sounds like a flush to me.
    When I switch over to bloom solution I just drain out the N and load up the P.

    Are you talking about salt build up in your media?
  3. No DWC, soilless - Peat/Verm/Perl.

    I have read in a few spots that people are flushing their medium once a month to "prevent salt buildup from nutrients use".

    I havent flushed unless of ph or nute problem. Now that Im getting ready to flower, I was told that I should:

    1. Do a complete flush of the medium to purge any veg nutes left (?)
    2. Then give a 1/3 strength flowering nutes. (Adding an additional 1/3 each feed until full strength.
    3. Then shut off lights 24-30 hours before starting into 12/12 as to ensure that the plants get into the flowering vibe :confused:

    Does this make sense? Personally I was just going to do a final strength of full veg nutes, 2 additional water feeds, then give em like 1/2 flower nutes and go from 18/6 to 12/12.

  4. That sounds the best, especially if your plants are doing well.

    Plants still need N in early flower and what "I" do is switch from veg nutes to flower nutes by thirds or fourths, whatever is easiest for you.

    On the same nute schedule (yours), say 2/3 veg nutes. 1/3 flower. Next feed, 1/3 veg, 2/3 flower. Next feed all flower. Or, 3/4-1/4, 1/2-1/2, 1/4-3/4.

    A gradual shift is better for the plants.

    I only believe in flushing for nute overdoses, other than that you are just depriving the plant for no good reason.

  5. It never occured to me to incorporate both veg and flower nutrients together. I was just going to cold turkey from one to the other. Better read some more. Thanks for the input.

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