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Flushing Soil

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by bluecheese, Jan 9, 2009.

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    Can someone help me, i tried searching but can't get any clear answers. Im coming close to flush/harvest time. I have Flora Kleen which the guy at the store told me to use 1tblspn to 1 gallon water (some really harsh stuff i guess), then flush with 5 gallons, and then just feed it water/cha ching. <- im not sure if i should give it any kind of bloom nutrient the last week or 2 weeks, what do you all do?

    My question is...how long should i flush (days,weeks) - How should i use the Flora Kleen?

    I planned on flushing first with the Kleen, then just straight flushing the soil with 5 gals of water directly after the kleen, then let it dry out, and then continuing my water/mollases mix for about a week to 10 days depending on how the Trichroms look. Any advice?

    My last girls didnt turn out so well - they looked great but lacked taste and potentcy - of course they were only being fed straight water during flowering. My 2nd attempt i feed earth juice and it got a little bit of tiger bloom the last 2 weeks (smelled alot better but still harsh). This 3rd attempt has been getting earth juice, tiger bloom, beastie bloom, and cha ching for a full 6 weeks and now the water/mollases since about 8 weeks in. Now im unsure of how to flush or what to flush with
  2. how many times do you water a week? when you flush dont change any watering techniques just use the solution for like 2-3 or a weeks worth of waterings then go into plain water to rinse out the floracleans work then water with molasses in your case for the last water. you can check the EC of the runoff and when it stabilizes and reaches a point where its not that much (in soil you will always have some left over). The main thing is the floraclean will break the ionic bonds after a couple of treatments and start to get stuff out then plain water will get out the rest
  3. It gets water just about every other day, sometimes daily. I switch between nutes and just plain distilled water with molasses on the watering schedule.

    So your saying give it Flora Kleen with my normal schedule of nutrients? Then leave it in there for (1 week) while maintaining my normal watering schedule. After one week just feed it water/molasses - till i harvest it?

    The guy at the Hydro store kind of scared me with it - he said not to leave it in their, but just to add it to a gallon of water, then saturate the soil with about 5gals of water.

    Have you actually used this product before? Or are you just relaying info you heard somewhere else?
  4. Unless you're over 2800ppm @ .7 EC conversion, there shouldn't be any reason to flush. Unless your nutes just taste like crap.

    Save some cash.

    Run GH Floranova Bloom (FNB) and Floranova Grow (FNG) without any additives. You'll thank yourself.

    2 things though.

    1. If you're not going to use a drill-bit paint mixer head to mix the nutes you'll need to dilute the FNG 1:1 with distilled or RO water before you'll be able to hand mix it completely by shaking. Mix the FNB at 1:2 (one part FNB two parts RO water) or you'll never be able to completely mix it by hand shaking.

    2. Recommended usage of the FNG is 3-7ml/gal. (so 6 to 14ml/gal. of 1:1) and the FNB makes the perfect Lucas Formula at 8ml/gal (24ml/gal of 1:2)

    Taste is fantastic, even with a full str batch a few days before chop and no flush.

    Plants LOVE it. :hello:

    You'll LOVE it! :D

    Look up the Lucas Formula, specifically his 36 page thread over on cannabis-world.org(sp?)

    (The hydro guy will say no because he'll lose out on a lot of your money, not buying additives)
  5. So just use Flora Nova nutes instead of the Mix of Foxfarm products i have?

    Its not that the nutes taste like crap, my whole plant tastes like a plant - it doesn't have the nice "herb" flavor or rich smell - the 2nd batch definitely smelled and tasted better - but with only a few weeks of only 2 types on nutrients going through it, its really hard to say if its going to help my 3rd attempt - so far it looks alot better but with only a 27 days left the smell has yet to be pungent.

    I got a cheap Ph reader from home depot but im not sure if its been working properly - some parts of plant it reads 1,2,3 - other parts its 5,6,7 - and it jumps around a lot.

    Im not sure how to measure the PPM and E.C? How would i go about doing that?

    Also, i mix the nutes in a 1 gallon water jug (shaking by hand), why must i use a drill bit head with Flora Nova?

    Last but not least - your telling me to only run those two nutes(Flora Nova FNG,FNB) during the entire flowering schedule?

    Wait for it.........Whats the low down on Lucas Formula? Whats that?

    Thanks for all the help in advance, happy smokes to all :smoke:
  6. If you like simplicity and great results, Yes. :)

    Some plants don't smell, most won't if stressed. If you turn your lights off for 24hours and they smell really strong and good when you open them back up, your normal growing routine is stressing them. Nutes really won't have that much to do with it.
    As for taste? That's a nute and dirt thing. Some nutes leave that earthy taste others leave nothing until used in strong enough concentrations.
    FloraNova is tasty unless you go above 2800ppm. I never mix at over 1400ppm so the flavor of the strain comes through very well without flushing.
    (Lucas formula is 8ml of FNB per gallon of RO water during the entire bloom cycle)

    I paid $7 for a pH drops tester kit from General Hydroponics. Simple, accurate enough and will last for years. :) I highly recommend them.

    Personally I don't. I only check pH since I use the simple version of the Lucas Formula.
    I mix my res and then top off with an equal amount of RO water and then change it out. (For a 10 gallon res I would mix 10 gallons of nutes. Once I've used 10 gallons of RO water topping off I dump the res and mix a new batch)

    The FN line is extremely thick and cannot be properly mixed by hand shaking unless diluted.
    If you dilute the FNGrow at 1:1 with RO water you'll be able to completely hand shake it after a while.
    If you dilute the FNBloom at 1:2 with RO water you'll be able to do the same.

    If you don't dilute, you'll need the drillbit mixer head :)

    Yep. Grow during vegetative and Bloom during bloom.

    The Lucas Formula is a nutrient mix developed by pH (from Overgrow.com before it was shut down).
    It's called the Lucas Formula because Lucas is the one that made the information public and spent years answering people's questions on it.d
    Do an internet search for "Lucas Formula" and you'll find references on tons of websites.

    Put simply, pH advised using only the micro and bloom portions of the GH 3-part Flora nutrients at 8ml of micro and 16ml of bloom per gallon of RO water during the entire bloom cycle. NO ADDITIVES

    GH glommed onto this after a few years and came out with the FloraNova Bloom formula which is basically the Lucas Formula with additional pH buffers and some beneficial acids added.
    8ml of FNB is spot on Lucas Formula.

    It is my infinite pleasure to be able to assist the production of superb quality meds in any way possible.

  7. Ha ha, ya i remember overgrow - that site was really helpful but it shut down before i could get any solid info or before i even started growing....

    Anyway, thanks, super helpful info. I read about 20 pages of the Lucas thread, still trying to go through all of it. So GH stole Lucas's formula? Thats not cool
    So after i run through my "additives" im definitively going to pick up the Flora Nova product line and try the Lucas Formula

    Simply put, its 8ml of FNB per 1gallon RO water (in my case i used distilled) and thats all i need, no other bloom forumula? Just as long as i keep it somewhere in the range of 1200ppm-1800ppm. Which im still usure how to measure this, im using soil - im not hydro yet.

    And for the veg cylce, just FNG at the same 8ml to 1gallon ratio?

    I dont believe the plants are getting stressed, i've been extremely consistent with veg 18/6 and flower 12/12. My leaves are pretty green, some (as in 4-5) get a little yellow but mostly from heat or just them dying, dosent seems to be the nutes, cause its only a few and every other looks fine.

    What do you mean by giving them 24hrs of darkness to test the smell and see if there stressed? Wont this disturb the flowering cylce? im nearing the end of this batch anyway, so i dont want to do anything crazy - they harvest the 27th this month. Have you tried this before? I've just never heard of anything like that, so im wondering
  8. Exactly.
    Don't worry about ppm in soil with flowering. You'll be fine as you won't be re-using the runoff water. :)

    WOAH!! Hold up there partner. :) You'll burn the crap outta most strains at 8ml/gal of Grow.
    Tone it back to somewhere between 3 and 7ml per gallon and you'll find a level your plants like. Currently I run between 4 and 5ml a gallon for what I have in my stable. Remember that you can burn them just a bit and they'll grow to like it. Only a BIT though. :)

    The goal of all my grows :)

    Let's face facts. Most of the people who grow really aren't that great at it. It's been estimated that more than half are just not good at it at all.

    Let's also face the fact that most people can learn to grow very well, if given enough time and if they possess the right determination.

    In light of this, most plants being grown right now are not really that happy and, as a general result, their smell is affected. The more the stress, the less the plant usually smells.

    When you give your plant 24 hours of darkness it's like giving it a dip in a cool lake after a few hot months in the sun. The plant will recover (if it's been stressed) and you'll notice a big difference in the potency of the smell.
    And no, I'm not talking about the smell just building up for 24hrs because you're venting the whole time.

    I generally give at least 18hrs of dark before chopping. Seems to be a bit more potent that way. My plants are usually a bit stressed these days anyway. :)

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