Flushing question? Harvest Trichs? Please look.

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  1. Ok so I am a couple of days from a outdoor harvest. Im using 3gal pots with FFOF and I used the recommended amount of happy frog in the mix. I did not feed these plants luquid nuts or anything else during flowering just regular water. Now i did a heavy watering with (Clearex) today. Should i let them dry out till the end or should i do another heavy flush tomorrow? or wait a day? Do i really need to be even using the Clearex since i have'nt been feeding them anything? There's only two of them, one is turning yellow on fan leaves the other is not. The one that is not turning yellow seems to be closer to being done.The trichomes I would say 80%milkey 10%clear 10%amber.. The one that is yellowing is like 80%milkey 20%clear very little amber..... Its been exactly 65 days from first signs of pistols. Everything I read shows no more then 7-15 days in my harvest window.. How long before harvest do u normaly stop watering? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. So i dont fu-k anything up!!!
  2. you can let them dry out the day or 2 before you harvest but really not necessary...also you're fine like you said since you didn't use nutes and flushed with clearex..just water with plain adjusted ph water until your trichomes are 50% amber or whatever you want them to be.. I leave the lights off the last 3 days to increase resin
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    whats going on dgbigkush? if you're not feeding them any additional nutrients you shouldn't have to flush at all. thats the point of a flush, to wash out excess nutrients and buildups in your medium that could affect the overall taste of your buds.
    i stop feeding about a week before i pull them out, after the last thorough and plentiful flush of course, to allow them to dry up a bit. The plants use up their remaining nutrients in their leaves to ripen the hell out of your flowers. this is why I'm assuming your plants' leaves are changing colors.

    really its up to the grower whether he wants to harvest his plants. if you like the head (saliva) buzz harvest now or within the next few days, but if you want the body (indica) buzz let them go a bit longer until almost 3/4 of the trichs are amber.

    hope i was some help.

    also i agree with tin about leaving the lights off for several days. definitely increases resin!
  4. Well i was worried about taste so thats why i got the Clearex. This is my first soil grow and i kinda fu-k up a little by using the Happy Frog. I was trying to get away from always mixing nutrients so I used the Happy Frog. They actually turned out pritty well with just that mix. They probably could of took more nuets but o well. Should I continue to use the Clearex to remove nutrients in soil from the Happy Frog since that stuff is time released? Will it help with making the plants yellow more? And use more of the plants own resources for food in its last dieing days.. Thank you very much for your guys help.
  5. If you already used clearex then it leached out most if not all of it..some people dont even flush and say the cure is what really matters...enjoy your smoke :bongin:
  6. There are no lights there outside! I could bring them in last few days, But im gonna have a hard time trying to turn the sun off.. lol.. Im stoned lol..you guys are funny!
  7. Thanks TinTizzy for your help .Thats what i thought just wanted to make sure. I love the people of the city, get answers quick! Happy Holidays and High Times!!

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