flushing question for big papa puff

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by pooldude, Aug 29, 2002.

  1. i had some problems with nutrient burn on my plants ...which are growing in an eb and flow set up..i flushed them twice a day for 2 days with straight ph balanced water with superthrive ...they have stopped growing completely now...is it time to start back up with the nutrients...i'm using ionic 5-2-6..as my nutrients...the plants are about 5 inches tall and really stocky...no stretching at all ...would 1/4 strength be a good safe starting point...also i flood them 4 times a day for an hour..i'm using geolite...thanks!
  2. I'm not and eb and flow man, bubble buckets are what I've read the most on. I would wait more than a couple of days to give the plants a chance to flush completely. But if you have thoroughly flushed, no more burning, and the plants are still living, you may give the nutes another chance. But keep it at a very low strength until they are a good height.
  3. thanks for the advice iv'e watched your replies to other posts and you seem to be the most straight forward on answers...i just started the nutrients again at a very light mix.i hope this fixes the problem..thanks again.
  4. now why would you flush with superthrive?

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