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  1. Questions:
    1. I have 5 plants going right now andall are ready but one and I feel its going to be a lil still till its good to go. Well I would like to flush in say a week but I do not want to hurt my plants production for its a BEAST but slower then the other strains. How would I go about this ????

    2. Can I take the mature tops and side buds for harvest and leave chosen buds to stay longer and mature ? What are the effects of doing this good and bad ????:confused:
  2. Take the ones that are ready and leave the other growing...what's the problem?

    You can harvest any way you want.
  3. I will be flushing all of them and that would leave the not mature plant with no nutes. And if I dont flush I get none flushed flav ?

    Can I flush then when done feed the plant thats been flushing if its not ready ?
  4. Are these all growing together in one hydro setup? If so, are the roots segregated, or all growing together in the same space?

    If they are all together, you are going to have another bigger problem when you go to harvest some of them before others.

    If you want to grow multiple strains with different time requirements, you really want to make sure they are all in their own self contained environment. Either separate soil pots or something like a bubble bucket setup are good for this.
  5. Ok, good, I was worried that you had them in something like a rubbermaid DWC or aerogarden style setup. With something like that, pulling some early is going to create big problems with root damage and possible leftover roots rotting and killing off the remaining plants.

    How often does your timer go off and water everything for your setup? One option would be to disconnect the plant that still needs nutrients and just water it manually while you flush, that would be the least stressful method for the plant and would give you the best results.
  6. Suppose I could zip tie a corner bucket and do a manual feed. Man thats a pain. My timers do 4 times a day during lights on and its a 15 min flood. I could do a manual 3 times a day feeding and squeeze by a couple extra weeks. I am a home body:) Huge plant though and its tied over as is the herijuana so Id rather not move them for anything TEMP. I will take a look at the system and see if I can do a hand water. God were motivated to keep the ladies happy lol

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