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  1. So i need to flush my plants really well because i had a gnat problem and used Safer's End All in the soil to get rid of them.
    I want to bring them to my bathroom tub to do this and just use the shower hose. The shower water is reading a ph of 7.8
    Since this will be the 2 weeks before harvest flush as well, and i will not be adding any new nutrients to the soil, does the ph of 7.8 matter? Or should used my filtered ph'd water for this?...which will be time consuming...

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  2. Last 2 weeks before harvest packs on a lot of weight, do you really want to slow that down by not using ph'd water after all the work you've put into the grow?
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  3. Yeah dude. Just ph the water. It isn't that big of a deal after the last few months.
  4. You have a good point. Thanks

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  5. Feed water ph is always important. Especially in a flush where you're going to super saturate the medium. When the ph is off it slows down or stops the plants absorption of certain nutrients. Once you get it off by soaking it with 7.8 the plant will starve until you get it back in range. Soil has things like dolomite lime to correct a certain amount of the ph being off but 7.8 is pushing it.

    Optimal ph levels are different in soil and hydroponic. In soil you want between 6.3-6.6. In hydro you want to target 6.0. plus or minus .2-3ph.

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