Flushing now .. harvesting @ 8 weeks

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  1. this one will hold me over til the other 2 get done.
    for 8 weeks, its beautiful.

    i know its a little early, the website says 8-9 weeks .. i need something SOON. ASAP.


    all same plant.
  2. i would wait another 7 days.

    Why the rush, you still need to dry and cure. It be another 30 + days till this will be ready to go.

  3. Really? that will take 30 days to completely flush, manicure, and dry?
  4. no u can smoke it like 3 days after u cut it and its dry
  5. my biggest bud on my last plant was almost exactly that size. Dried out to under a gram.

    You're gonna be kicking yourself in the ass if you chop that now.

    I did.

    Wait man. Wait.

    Then chop and quick dry a few nuggs while you let the rest get ripe and heavy.

    More ripe=more resin
    more resin=better
    don't chop.

    Just go buy a sack man!
  6. You can, but other then a quick test why would you want to do that? Why spend all that time growing, then smoke it after its dry. Its brittle, it loses its lovely aromas and tastes when its dry. You throw it in mason jars and cure it for a month and it brings all the lovliness back to the bud. Its really kind of a waste to just dry it and smoke it. You will never know what your bud should smell and taste like.

    Definitely Cure it.
  7. It takes about a week to cure to smokability. Less to cure to vapability. Also you cure the rest while you're smoking it. That's a lotta bud right there.

    Also do you have a microscope to examine the trichomes? I highly suggest getting one, as your plant is clearly within the finishing window now, and it's the most accurate way to harvest. You can also adjust the cannabinoid ratio to taste by harvesting differently on purpose.
  8. If ya need some herb take off some popcorn nugs and let the tops finish It aint gonna b long from looks of it anyway
  9. Go out and buy some to settle your anxiety. Weed worth smoking is weed worth waiting for.
  10. You have got to wait, it will be soo worth it. That plant seriously needs another week or two at the very least. Buy some mids and roll some blunts to hold you over.

  11. i wish it was that easy maaan.

    but we'llll see what happens.
    if it looks ready when i wanna chop it, its gone.
    i got a couple others, this is my first grow, and i messed up, alot. im a noob.
    im ready to get this shit over with so i can start something else thats going to be 10x better than this because im going to do it right this time.

    mistakes i made :

    didnt fill my buckets FULL of soil (they looked 3/4 full, it was actually like 1/2 full)

    didnt use the right nutes (used flowering nutes for veg, lolol) and i also used SHITTY nutes, no name nutes. i also didnt keep track of my feeding, just randomly fed them when i felt like they needed it.

    didnt check the PH AT ALL, not once.

    used tap water (dont think this is thaaat bad) but i also didnt PH it neither.

    the temps were high as fuck, most of the grow.
    lowest i had through it was like 80 with the lights on, highest was about 100. tthe average temp through out the grow was like 90-ish.

    had a total of 4 plants under 1 light, didnt really have the room it, next time, ill have extra room.

    i can prolly go on and on, these are great for my FIRST actual grow.
  12. even weed grown in the worst conditions can have potential. Let it go to week 9 and you wont regret it man, have some will power lol youve come this far, so an extra week aint gonna hurt. If you do it now, youll have the urge to do it everytime you grow.

    Flush for two weeks with water and mollasses then jus a week with water. Youll have some amazing bud and 9 weeks will let that bud mature nicely!

    Think about it lol alot of people regret chopping early, be the person who waited it out!


  13. thanks for the advice

    i think im still going to sacrifice this baby girl so the other 2 have room to stretch out and get fat. im letting those go an extra 3-4 weeks atleast. big big big buds
  14. dont cut her yet, surely there is some one that can kick you down with some herb until she is ready.:smoking: good luck she looks nice

  15. When it gets to week 8, chop Some lower pop corn buds off a couple plants to tide you over. plants pack on weight in the final few weeks, and it would be a shame if you chop early and it aint good.

    Good luck in your decision
  16. i would def wait. itll be worth it.

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