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flushing my system of thc

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by pa1n, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. well, my parents gave me and my two step sisters random drug tests a day ago (sunday). i failed the first one because i tried adding bleach to my pee but added two much.

    i failed my second one because, well...i did, just cuz i smoked that day and the day before that and so on

    my #1 goal is obviously not to get caught, i denied everything and now theyre taking me to a somewhat official place for me to get tested again sometime later in the week (so anywhere from 2 to 4 days)

    since i cant flush all of the thc out of my system in that ammount of time, my new goal is to get as rid of as much of it as possible

    today is monday and ive already drank about a gallon of water, soon to be replaced my cranberry juice. ive ran a total of a mile and plan to continue this until i have to go in.

    my number one question is, what is the most effective way of removing as much thc as pobbile without wasting too much money?

    any tips or advice would help A LOT, since my social life is at stake
  2. Welcome to the city! =D
    The search button works wonders. Anytime you need to know somethin, chances are its already been asked. Good luck :-D
  3. Ok, here are some things that I've heard work good:

    1. Drink lots of water, carry a water bottle with you and drink water A LOT.
    2. Drink lots of cranberry juice.
    3. Chug venegere (however u spell it)

    Ummm, maybe try some of the detox systems?

    I also hear that vitamin stores like GNC have some sort of pill that helps flush out your system faster.
  4. yeah its a pill that has the same stuff in cranberry juice, i forget what its called tho
  5. Woah Woah Fucking Woah...

    Do not Chug Vinegar first off that doesnt work...
    I feel after this bad advice i must also warn you to never chug bleach no matter what you hear.

    second off drinking lots of water that early doesnt really help and i have heard cranberry juice does not do much either..

    if you want to buy more time and not fail:

    4-6 hours before you get your drug test, even a little earlier if you want, start chugging water, like non stop water. You should feel uncomfortable and have to piss like every second. But when you get tested it will dilute your urine so much that it will just come out as untestable...this has been done before in my presence and I confirm it working..

    as for the exercise, it can't hurt...
  6. here's the way to get rid of thc.. go to ur local grociery store, such as mine is a Kroger.. pick up a huge bottle of ur favorite gatorade.. then walk over to the jelly making section.. find a box of jelly maker (it's this powder stuff), make sure it's what u use to make like peach or strawberry jelly for buscuits and stuff... adn buy these 2 things... mix the jelly maker stuff w/ the gatorade, and chug.. u'll pee ur livin ass off, and it works as long as it's done 1-2 days in advance..i've used in for my probation tests, and it works like a charm every time..
  7. wow thats nifty ill have to remember that one

  8. Yeah another name for that stuff is Certo, its fruit pectin, the major ingredient in almost all those piss drinks. After you piss a couple times, you start to piss clean, not sure how long though. You should mix those with like a half gallon of whatever drink like 2-3 hours at least before a test. And Darkness, you do this for probation? im soon to be on probation for driving a kid who was shooting marshmallows out of my car window, yeah i know, but my offense wasnt drug related, do you know if they drug test for that kind of offense? Thanks

  9. Dilite the piss so they cant test it by drinking about 4 or 5 glasses about an hour before the test, got me thru probation
  10. woah...tha gatorade thing is crazy...nehoo...

    my friend got through probation (went high to a few of the tests) by eating a lot of vitamin b12 i believe? anyhoo, he could drink a lot of water and take this stuff and it made his piss yellow again. don't quote me on that b12, but im almost certain its b12 or b somethin...i'd look it up...but i don't wanna
  11. how many boxes should i buy? and how many boxes per liter/gallon?

    or is it per gatorade bottle, and what size if so?
  12. go out to your nearest hardware store, and get one of these.
    it shouldnt cost more then $10 for a cheap one.
    all you need to do is attach it to your stomach and turn it. that should flush your system

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  13. would diluting my pee work against actual ua's? or does it just apply for home ones
  14. What kind of fucking paranoid parent has their children randomly drug tested?

    I don't know how you can get thc outta your system, unlike other drugs, it sticks to fat, so you pee it out so easy. Maybe try and find a clean friend and have them piss in a bag, and then sneak the bag in somehow.
  15. you should try to stop smoking. it's save you a lot of time, stress, and money.

    just become an alcoholic or something.
  16. i dont think that would help, i would still be stressed and still spend money

  17. Well thats what I've always been told to do, so that was my 2 cents. But I'd like to know who in the hell told him to Chug bleach??? that shit can kill you.

  18. thats vitamin B2.. it turns your piss back yellow
    iso f your drinking a shit ton of water your piss might be too clear so just take vitamin B2
  19. Darkness. So if i have a drug test either on a saterday are sunday and i use your thing on top of running 2-3miles a day at a quick pase. (Finishing the 2 mile off at 15 flat. Could i pass the drug test?

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