Flushing Issue

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by CannaBrained, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. For the past many flushes ive done ive been having issues with water uptake. The majority of plants (not all...but most) stop taking up water ENTIRELY after the first flush.

    Ive done nothing different:
    Ph is on mark
    Water is good temp
    Its tap water that has been out for 36 hours
    And it gets oxygenated for approx 8 hours prior.

    They literally take nothing in. After a week i flush again for sakes say then again three four days later. In the past id have them dried right out four days later at max.

    Any ideas?
  2. wheres the pics dude? you in coco? did you flush with plain water? WAY more info needed .


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  3. I dont see how pics will help. Im not trying to identify an issue that can be determined visually.

    I alreay mentioned the water.

    They are in Promix in 3 gal pots.

    Not sure how much more info u need.
  4. Temps are good all around and they are off the floor.
  5. Your biggest problem is flushing all the time
  6. I dont see what u mean by flushing all the time. I said after i flush once they stop taking up water. They can go for two weeks and not take a drop. After ONE flush.
  7. You said you flush, then flush again a week later for sakes then again 3 or 4 days later....thats a crazy amount.
  8. My understanding was that people normally do a fluh every 3-4 days apart for the last week and a half to two weeks. Each time doing so with excessive amount of clean, ph.ed water. Now rhat im looking into the matter it would seem that some people only feed water for that amount of time and others dont bother doing anything different whatsoever.

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