flushing in soil??

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  1. Hey guys quick question I have a plant in organic soil....honestly I probilly should have started flushing a couple days ago but I have a question when you run water through the soil everyday with no nutes wouldnt that leave the soil too wet actually harming the plant a little? or is that something I don't need to worry about at this point of growth?
  2. I pity da fool who doesn't flush....

    All kidding aside if it is organic soil and no nutes are being added. Then from my understanding you should be fine to harvest whenever.
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  3. Agree with what Sade said . 100% organic soil and even if used 100% organic bottle nutes like earth juice no need to flush. Outdoor growers in soil don't flush.
  4. So what if you do flush ? WTF will it hurt .?

    The only reason to flush is so you don't have excessive nutrients and minerals .
    Depending on the water and nutrients you use dictates if you need to flush or not .
    The water where I live PPM's are excessive ( over 500 PPM's .

    Sodium (aka salt ) excessive Calcium. seems to float to the surface of the grow medium and its white powdery or white crusty looking stuff .
    If you see that then I would flush .

    As I already said what will flushing hurt ?
  5. Like i said how would a outdoor grower in the ground growing naturally flush???
    You don't.

    Chemical salt based fertilizers are different than natural minerals in the water. Google the info way more info than i care to post. If you flush your organic soil you are stripping all the non chemical nutes out loosing out on gains the last 2 weeks ,and its not necessary due to no need to flush due to your plant wont taste or burn like poo due to your not using chemical salt based nutes. And if somebody re uses their organic soil why would they want to strip everything out of it. Again if a outdoor in ground soil organic grower doesnt flush why would somebody growing in pots organically do it. Everybody has their own way of growing and its good to post different views to let the grower decide on what to further investigate and decide.
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  6. You have no need to flush. I've built my own organic soil, no way I'm ruining it by flushing
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  7. If your city or we water has excessive amounts of minerals you are pretty much doomed regardless what kind of grow it is .
    Not all water around this world is even good to drink nor does it have the same amounts of mi minerals plus bacteria .
    Not everyone's soil is the same either .
    Without doing a soil test you all are guessing

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