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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by skiingjulie, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. I am in the 9th week of flowering on my first grow. I've added no nutes since 6th week as I planned to harvest at 8 weeks. Well, 4 of the 6 plants have been harvested over the past week or so, but one plant in particular is definitely not even close to being finished. This grow was from bagseed and it looks like the longer-flowering plant is a Sativa. It looks like it may still be 2-3 weeks from harvest. Should I add nutes to it or should I leave it alone? Growth has definitely slowed down. I sure wish she would hurry up since I have only one veg/flower room and 14-18 plants ready to go in!
  2. i'd say leave off adding any ferts......if it's allready at 8 weeks flowered, even as a sativa it's only got approx 2-3 weeks left, allthough some thai strains have been known to go to 14 weeks.......how come you didn't see that it was a sativa in with all the indicas, that way you have kept feeding on this plant in particular........usually grow faster and longer skinnier leaves, or does it grow diffrently??...........Peace out..........Sid
  3. erm im thinking....
    A, if groth has slowed cus of no nutes then its unlikely to put on much if any more weight without it being fed,
    B, a stavita harvested early gives a much nicer high, more up and trippy than 1 left to go all the way.
    C,u want ur room back.

    3 good reasons to harvest now.

    if the plant was just bagseed then ur not gonna know how much it cud yeald anyway, it mite just b a runt. it wud b a shame to feed it now u have flushed it out, id cut my losses on this 1 plant and get them others in pronto.

    (edits was just removing typo's)
  4. what barnaby_wylde and sidious said :D.
  5. I feel like such an amateur, but this IS my first grow and I was busy combatting spider mites among other problems.....
    I pretty much came to the same conclusion as you guys: harvest it now! so into 48 hours of darkness, the girls will be plunged this morning. I probably couldn't tell it was a Sativa since my other plants all got spider mites and had to have so many fan leaves removed due to the juice-sucking savages! You grow and you learn! I can't wait to smoke some of the sativa...it's been so long since I've had anything but indica. Does anyone have a good picture of a Thai plant so I can tell what they look like?

    Again, a huge whooping thanks!

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