Flushing.....Am I doing this right??

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  1. hey folks, thanks for always helping me with answers that I can't find anywhere. Are there any other sites you recommend when I can't find an answer here?

    So i had a plant that I have just put into flower after about 5 months of being in Veg, it's in a 10 gallon pot. I put it into flowering 2 days ago and noticed that some of the leaves were browning and realized I have no idea why but I had been adding Cha-Ching to the plant last few weeks, mix up of Nute schedule I guess.

    So after some research I was led to flush the plant last night. Which i did with 4 x 5 gallon ph'd water buckets (not fast but not really really slow, just poured water into different parts of the plant). So 10 gallon pot got 20 gallons of water as flush (details below)

    1st bucket I pH water to 6.5 and the run-off for this after all the water had drained out the bottom of the pot was run off pH=5.7
    2nd bucket pH=6.6 and run off=5.8
    3rd bucket pH=6.6 and run off=5.9-6.0
    4th bucket pH=6.7 and run off=6.0-6.1

    So, my questions:
    1) Did I use enough water to flush, or should I have used less or more?
    2) Seeing the ph go up on the run-off should have I continued until ph of run-off was between 6.3 to 6.8?
    3) Anything else in this process I missed or did wrong, like ph'd the flushing water too much or maybe I shouldn't ph water that I will use for flushing?

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