Flushing Agents

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by LilDize, May 14, 2011.

  1. anyone use clearex or some other flushing agent? i just bought a gal of clearex and would like to hear a little about it or any flush for that matter. i am thinking about using it for the before harvest flush.
  2. soil or hydro? follow the directions... it works pretty well... I like to have a whole batch and flush using clearex then i pull all of it out of my dwc and replace with just water..

    i read some place its just sugar.. but i still didn't wanna leave my plant soaking in it for too long...

    good luck.. post up with what happens...
  3. yea its mostly just sucrose and glucose so yea...sugar. i still have about a month left but i want some reviews and possibly final result like taste and stuff like that. i expect it to work well tho.

    oh yea and im in soil.
  4. if your in soil you don't need to flush... the taste of the soil makes the mj better... but thats just one opinion.. others will disagree...

    good luck man... keep us posted
  5. i use it for soil. i flush once then nothing but water. i use it on the plants that arent on organic nutes.next crop i will do a side by side test to see if it makes a big difference to taste

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