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Flushed my bud down the toilet just now

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MJM0802, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. either dry it and smoke it or dry it and sell it. it wont hurt you. its only water.

  2. Wow i mean, i woulda just hid em...you musta been realllyyyyyy high - paranoia
    And i wouldnt smoke toilet weed
  3. Hilarious story, just read the whole thread. I cant tell you if I would smoke it or not. If I was dry then I probably would. How much weed was in the bags and was the weed in the sealed bags when they were flushed?
  4. Get paranoid much, bro? But yeah, wet bud sucks. If it were me, I'd probably not smoke it, just because I would feel so nasty and disgusting smoking toilet bud. I'm sure it got you high, though, and I guess that's what's important.
  5. LOL cool story, pics or it didn't happen.. I'm kidding but damn so you freaked out I heard a loud knock before and I did flush down some bud once, but it turned out it was just the fedex man. I felt stupid afterwards but moving back 3 to 5 years later, I heard a loud knock I didn't bother flushing anything because weed isn't a felony only growing it is...

  6. the man is right. if you would smoke it, then someone else might too. no ones gona die thats impossible with bud.
  7. id smoke it..lol fuck it..for real.
  8. toilet water dryed weed isnt gonna make somone sick...
    its probably just not to dank now. be careful tho water can cause it to mold. But if it doesnt mold, your good.
  9. Yeah I am high right now on some new stuff. Isnt it weird how at night i seemed more paranoid. Made this bong its good:smoking:. The bags were not sealed so did get wet. The high was great.
  10. I'd probably smoke it but thats just me, I've smoked peanut butter laced weed once. Long story .

    But you wont get sick, the lighter should burn off any bacteria or anything, just dont quote me on that, I'm no doctor, although I do play one to get Oxycontin.
  11. I know this thread is old, but funny as all hell (and I haven't even been smoking). I've noticed people mentioning "dry it and sell it". While it sounds fucked up, it reminds me of a drug bust that recently went down where the smugglers were transporting pounds and pounds of weed inside the waste container of a human waste collecting truck (it was full of weed and shit.. human shit). If that weed would have made it into the public, completely sealed or not, do you think a buyer would make a purchase knowing how it was "delivered"? Do you think people would have gotten sick? Who the hell knows, but it's possible anyone buying drugs off the street has a "special treat" they were not banking on! LOL
  12. you gotta go in the septic tank to get the remaining bags
  13. Cool story brah.
  14. Haha you flushed the bud cause someone knocked hard at the door you don't even check the door first just flush it lol. It's not like they could've just kicked the door down on your ass. Idc how high I am I'm not flushing the stash till I know for a fact I have to.
  15. smoke it, toilet water is clean
    i would definitely not waste 3 bags of weed just because it got wet
    i did that once, i put it in a baggy and dryed it with a hair dryer, i left it for a few hours and it was fine. just doesnt taste of weed...
  16. Man, he already smoked that nasty toilet weed!!! Why do people keep posting? LOL.
  17. haha fuck it man i smoked a joint that i found in my car soaking wet, it sat there for at least a week (dry - i found it wet cuz i left my car window down in the rain that day), and it still got me baked (i dried it first). i found another jay in the gutter i dropped and lost the day before the storm completely drenched but the bud still smelled and looked good after it had been dried but i still threw it out just cuz i had a whole oz to spare at the time. wet weed. classic
  18. Man I saw this on tv too lol.

    PS dont keep my weed in bags anymore got these small mason jars next time ill check first lol

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