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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by alex_uk_1, May 26, 2009.

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    hi all,
    may anyone tell me what,s flush before the harvest ,and how to do it.please
  2. Flushing is when you use pure water to clean out your soil and helps get rid of salt build ups, which can lead to a nute lockout. People flush right before harvest so their plant will start using up all its nutes, that way it provides a smoothier smoke after harvest. Flush 2 weeks prior to harvest and don't feed them anymore nutes. Ever had a really harsh smoke that tasted kinda nasty, thats probally cause there were still nutes in the plant when it was harvested and it wasn't flushed.

    Flushing is simple. Lets say you have a 3 gallon pot, you want to flush with 3 times as much water, so thats 9 gallons of water you'll need. I take my plants outside and flush em cause it can cause an obvious mess lol. Don't water them for a few days and they'll be good to go.
  3. thanks for reply, but you mean before harvest watering plants 3 time more (1litre=3litre).
  4. No no no not at all lol, watering that much that late in flowering wouldn't be good. You should flush 2 weeks before you harvest then after the soil has dried and they need more water go back to your normal waterin schedule, minus nutes.

    A flush is a one time thing, you don't keep giving them, my example ealier, 9 gallons of water all the time. Just once.
  5. Hello, just a quick question...

    I'm using Miracle Grow timed release soil that is supposed to feed potted plants for about 3 months. Is the flushing procedure the same or should I do it like 1 week before harvesting so I do not need to water again before harvest?

  6. I would just do it the same, 2 weeks. If its MG soil you've had them in for a while, I mean no recent transplants into fresh MG soil for 1.5 months, you'll be fine. MG is a problem for young plants cause of the harsh slow released ferts it gives off. But if they are flowering and are big girls they will make it.

    Might I suggest you look into some fox farms ocean forest for your next grow, so much better for MJ plants then MG.
  7. I'm growing two G13 Poison Dwarfs in it right now and so far they are doing great, we are on day 18 from breaking soil, I'll attach some pics of them from day 16, they are a bit bigger now but whatever...

    If you notice the ripped leaf on the first one, my friend was mixing the soil and it caught in between his I know.

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  8. Lol no worries dude, we have all done some kind have damage to our plants when taking care of them, rather a rip of a leaf or something fall on them, yes its happened not fun lol.

    What size containers are those, Im guessing no bigger then 2 gals. If you can get some better soil and transplant, this will eliminate potential problems down the line. 3 gal pots will work nicely.

    Lookin good for 16 days, keep it up.

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