Flush w/ water B4 Harvest, How many Days?

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  1. I am using an Ebb and Grow system and am not sure how many days to flush w/ water befor the harvest.

    Also, is the water PH important during this Flush? My water is at 7.0 w/out adjusting it.

    Thanks for any help and info :smoke:
  2. A week is good
  3. 3-5 days and the last 36 hours leave them with no water so they can dry out faster
  4. I like to do an 11 day flush them leav it 3 days with no water. PH your water to about 5.8 for the flush

  5. This really depends on strain, but 11 days IMO just robs the plant of the nutrients in the last burst of production...

    5-7 days is really all you need...
    Also, personally I like my plants to dry slower, which you will end up with a better taste over stripping them of water the last 3 days and then drying...

    No facts to back that up, just my opinion... ;)
  6. So many ways to do this, depends on how your plants are progressing durring the last week. Personally i have found my method with some added florakleen makes the buds really burst out and smack ya. These are in the last day of RO water, and at lights off i will remove the water in the 5 gal buckets

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  7. 7-10 days if using pure water 1-2 days if using a flushing product like florakleen etc
  8. No need to ph the water. There aren't any nutrients in the water to lockout. The neutral ph of your tap water will not hurt during flush.

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