Flush or not

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jj420aded, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. Currently using fox farms tiger bloom. Do I have to flush or can I get away with a week or two of just water. I looked it up an when u flush how much soil you use u times that by 3. So 5 gallons flush with 15 gallons of water. Is this correct

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  2. 15 gallons is correct I am using foxfarm dirty dozen and my plan is to just go two weeks without giving nutes. I always do flush every three weeks but a mini flush just an extra gallon of water from what I normally give my plants. Try to knock the salt levels down, the point of stopping giving nutes so early is to let them chew up whatever is left in the soil. I think a 14day flush will be just fine. My first grow we did like 6days no flush kept in the dark the last two days with no water for 3days after it needed water. It smoked like a fucking champ after. It's all up to you my man but 14days no nutes and you should have some clean smoke. Dry a week in the dark try to keep humidity down, put into mason jars to cure crack those hitches once a day and enjoy man.

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