Flush One Branch?

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  1. hey GC, I have a question.

    me and my friend are trying to prepare for 4/20 but we smoked all our bud tonight and don't really have any disposable income (just paid rent) to support our 4/20 celebration.

    but we do have a huge plant in week 8 of flowering. It has cloudy trichs, we could harvest now if we really wanted to, but we want amber trichs and the fattest buds possible.

    so my question is, could we cut one branch, leave it in a bottle of water for a day or so to flush, and have some bud to smoke on 4/20?

    or would it not flush and leave us stuck with the nute taste?
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    I have no experience harvesting, but my vote is for yes it will help flush out or deplenish nutrients and nute taste.

    But I would not leave it in for long, and check on her throughout the day. It'll probably soak up a lot of moisture, you know what I'm saying.. Keep a fan blowing on her to combat any chances of mold.

    You better get cutting tonight if you are at all, either way it'll be a harsh smoke without the propper cure.
  3. Dry it as fast as possible. Then get a wide mouth glass jar and some way to weight the bud down (I use a small jar top & marbles. Add water (I like distilled) and let sit over night. Pour off the greenish water in the morning. Add new water. Let sit over night- pour off the greenish water. Repeat again. Dry- I'd use a fan, or stick it on a cookie sheet into a preheated 250 degree oven that has been turned off!

    It will look UGLY and be rather tasteless, but should smoke smoothly and, since THC is not water soluble, potent! :smoke:

    Granny :wave:
  4. well, I did it. it's a couple hours since the cut and no wilting so it's not dead!

    i marked the water level. i'll see in the morning if it's drank any. if it drinks a good bit i'll probably start drying it out around this time tomorrow

    what do you guys think?


    EDIT: also stormcrow, i'd like to avoid "quickdrying" if at all possible. maybe keep it in a fairly warm room on 4/19 to make sure it's dry enough.
  5. That sounds good, awsome idea marking the water level!
  6. Cut all fan leaves complete darkness n low humidity if u have a fruit or herb dehydrater 1 or 2 hours in that will dry n cure same time

  7. i figured light wasn't important at this phase since i'll be killing it tomorrow, but it's in a cupboard now.

    can anyone else vouch for the fan leaves? i'll cut them before i go to sleep if nobody says otherwise.
  8. If u dry ur bud in the dark it will be more potent

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